What Washes Over: Sounds of Climate Grief and Action

NEC: Burnes Hall | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

A multimedia exploration of how we relate to a changing climate, how we make space for grief, care, action, and resilience, and how we create community and connect with life across the planet. Works range from a continuous soundscape to songs from Pinegrove and Anohni to newly commissioned classical, electronic, and experimental music. We invite audiences to sit and listen, move and interact, or join in making music and art.



Seth Goldman, Soundscape

Mat Lanning, City Sinking, Water Rising

Pinegrove, Orange

Anohni, 4 Degrees

Philip Rawlinson, mechanizations of flow




Weyes Blood, Something to Believe

Quinn Rosenberg, Equinox

Sara Serpa, For You I Must Become a Tree

Evan Judson, Breathing Piece

Produced by Jill Gatlin’s Liberal Arts/Integrative Studies “Climate Change Culture & Performance Practicum” class: Helen Bultman, Seth Goldman, Tara Hagle, Evan Judson, Matthew Mihalko, and Philip Rawlinson.