Spring Forward Festival: Saxophone Quartet

Welcome to NEC's Spring Forward Festival — a 10-day, on-campus performance intensive taking place May 17–26!

The Spring Forward Festival is an opportunity for students who have been working remotely this academic year to return to NEC and collaborate with each other. The festival will feature rehearsals, coachings, and performance classes, as well as individual practice time, followed by a series of performances between May 21–26 that are broadcast live from campus via the NEC website. For more on the festival, click here

Enjoy today's Spring Forward Festival Saxophone Quartet performance!

View Live Stream from Jordan Hall

  • Alexis Aguilar, soprano saxophone
  • Rayna DeYoung, alto saxophone
  • Jordan Roach, tenor saxophone
  • Juchen Wang, baritone saxophone
  1. Kazumo Asai : Textures for Saxophone Quartet


    While made of brass but played with a mouthpiece, saxophones produce very distinct and expressive sounds like no other instrument.  In this work, consisting of five miniature pieces, I explore how this unique instrument family can create a variety of characters and textures.
    - Kazumo Asai '21