Sonata Night 43: Cello and Piano

NEC: Burnes Hall | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Under the direction of NEC faculty pianist Pei-Shan Lee, Sonata Night is an evening of piano-instrumental masterworks featuring collaborative pianists in partnership with their instrumental colleagues.

Sonata, a musical term of several meanings, is used here to signify a duo form of equal partnership. Sonata Night programming spans a wide range of musical styles and features the world's greatest duo works from the Baroque through the 20th century, including compositional forms such as multi-movement suites and character pieces.

Sonata Night performers are coached jointly by faculty of the collaborative piano and instrumental departments.

View the concert program here.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach | Sonata for Viola da Gamba No. 3 in G Minor, BWV 1029


    • Yuri Ahn, cello
    • Sujin Choi, piano
  2. Frédéric Chopin | Sonata for Cello and Piano, op. 65

    Allegro moderato
    Finale: Allegro

    • Jiho Seo, cello
    • Tristan Leung, piano
  3. Benjamin Britten | Sonata for Cello and Piano, op. 65

    Scherzo-Pizzicato: Allegretto
    Elegia: Lento                                
    Marcia: Energico
    Moto perpetuo: Presto

    • Leland Phillip Ko, cello
    • Cynthia Chih-Yu Tseng, piano
  4. The Sonata Night series is jointly coached by faculty of the Collaborative Piano and various instrumental departments.

    Thank you to the following for helping to prepare tonight’s program:

    Lluís Claret
    Yeesun Kim
    Paul Katz
    Jonathan Feldman