Online | Department Concerts: Compositions From Quarantine

What do NEC composers have to say in light of our current times?

When NEC was forced to close our campus as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NEC composition faculty called upon students to respond through music.

Over the remainder of the spring semester, each composition student composed a short solo work, presented here in two digital concerts celebrating, in the words of department chair Michael Gandolfi, "the creative force [that] is alive and well in the middle of this pandemic."

Join NEC composers for two Tuesday night concerts, June 9 and 16, in a nod to the Tuesday Night New Music series typically hosted on campus.

Concert I: Tuesday, June 9, 2020 | 8 p.m.

Concert I: Program and Performers

Caleb Abner: Guitar Drumming Piece No. 1 | Caleb Abner, guitar

Kazumo Asai: Mushroom | mixed media

Yuchen Bian: Le Sillage | Xiaoyu Lin, flute

Lavell Blackwell: Fragile-house | Alex Garde, percussion

Tyler Bouque: Canto XXXI.C | Matthew Henson, contrabass

Robbie Bui: the sun hasn't even thought about rising yet  | Emma Burge, violin

Linxi Chen: Impression of Amsterdam | Yi-I Yang, cello

Chenyazi Chen: Straw Boats II. Borrowed Arrows | Ning Tie, marimba

Patrick Dempsey: The Course of our Life is Set on Fire | Litha Ashforth, voice

Jaden Fogel: In Memoriam | Abisal Gergiev, piano

Yifan Guo: City Memories II | otamatone and midi controllers

Shengying Gu: Monologue | Xiaoyu Lin, flute

Zach Hicks: In The Wind | Zach Hicks, flute

Xiaofeng Jiang: Transcience | Julian Seney, flute

Minji Kim: Shadow | Bella Jeong, violin

Pengyi Li: one hundred | Xiaoyu Lin, flute

Yunqi Li: The hope under the strings | Xiaoqing Yu, violin

Yihan Liu: Backlight | Yifan Guo, flute

Wenbin Lyu: Quarantine Rhapsody | Zhaoyuan Qin, piano

Concert II: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 | 8 p.m.

Concert II: Program and Performers

ChangJin Ha: Lost in Thought I. Appassionata | Jeein Kim, violin

Jonas Man: Queen of Cups | ZhuoYa Zhu, piano

Alex Matheson: Message of Friendship | Emma Burge, violin

Dan McGee: Violin Etude No. 1 | Tiffany Chang, violin

Robin Meeker-Cummings: Springs and other things | Robin Meeker-Cummings, sound artist

Kyle Quarles: Fragments 14.0-14.1 | Kyle Quarles, guitar

Lila Quillin: dialogue iv | Matthew Henson, contrabass

Frank Sang: Passacaglia | Zhong Hu, viola

Flora Sun: Tuba Solo | Xian Lin, tuba

Erqing Wang: Introduction and Tarantella | Xiaoyu Lin, flute

Jiaqi Wang: Tidal Surge of Emotion | Cameron Slaton, oboe

Ian Wiese: Dancing by Myself | Arturo Fernandez, viola

Heng Yang: Dream of Venice | Tristen Broadfoot, clarinet

Nan Yi: Return | Nan Yi, viola

Qingyang Yu: Aria for the Violin | Pamela Feng, violin

Yaao Zhang: Serendipity | Anqing Liu, viola

Wen Zhang: Dream Within a Dream | Wen Zhang, guqin

Haoyu Zheng: Reminiscences | Louis Liao, violin

Ni Zheng: Undulation | Juliette Greer, violin