NEC at Old South Meeting House: Trio Gaia

Old South Meeting House | Directions

310 Washington St.
Boston, MA
United States

Join New England Conservatory, Revolutionary Spaces, and Trio Gaia for an unforgettable evening of music, reflection, and community.

How does the Power of Place move the soul? This Spring, Revolutionary Spaces invited emerging artists and New England Conservatory’s Professional Piano Trio, Trio Gaia, to experience Old South Meeting House and the Old State House, encounter the complicated stories and characters whose legacies dwell within these walls, and explore the struggle to create and sustain a free society as singularly evoked by these sites.

In response to their encounter with the sites and the discovery of the material memory housed within, Trio Gaia has curated a performance that speaks to the transformative Power of Place. Join Revolutionary Spaces, New England Conservatory, and Trio Gaia for a concert and musician commentary as we explore the intersection of inspiration and performance.  

The program will feature a performance by Trio Gaia, commentary by the musicians, and a brief audience Q&A. We welcome you to stay for a casual reception in Old South immediately following the performance.

Revolutionary Spaces supports Boston artists, musicians, and performers and thanks New England Conservatory for the opportunity to introduce their students to a story of Boston in which we all have a stake. 

  • Trio Gaia
  • Grant Houston, violin
  • Yi-Mei Templeman, cello
  • Andrew Barnwell, piano