NEC at the Boston Public Market: Honors Contemporary Musical Arts Ensemble

Boston Public Market | Directions

100 Hanover St.
Boston, MA
United States

NEC's Honors Contemporary Musical Arts Group, Saltare, in collaboration with NEC's Community Performances & Partnerships program perform perform a concert of dance-inspired music from all over the world at the Boston Public Market. Free and open to the public.


A recognized trailblazer, NEC's Community Performances and Partnerships (CPP) program is one of the premier programs in the nation for engaging conservatory students with their community. Student performers and teaching artists present over 600 events for about 21,000 people annually, reaching across ages, neighborhoods, ethnicities, and economic disparities in the city of Boston and beyond. Student musicians explore what it means to be a musician living in and contributing to community life, within an atmosphere of supportive mentoring, high quality training, and experiential learning.

  • Carson McHaney, violin
  • Mattias Kaufmann, accordion
  • G Korth-Rockwell, banjo/mandolin
  • Avi Randall, piano
  • Leo Weisskoff, bass