Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation at NEC: Ted Reichman Jazz and CI Contemporary Rock Ensembles

Performances by small jazz and contemporary improvisation ensembles coached by NEC's exceptional faculty. This evening's concerts are performed live and streamed in real time from the Eben Jordan Ensemble Room.

TWO SETS: 7 & 9 PM

Watch Live Stream from Eben Jordan:

  1. 7:00 p.m. | Ted Reichman Jazz Ensemble

    God's In Jail - Ari Chais

    Poli - Stephanie Borgani

    Maerd - Anna Abondolo

    Composition 23C - Anthony Braxton

    Procrastinating Tendencies - Nicholas Ryder


    Stephanie Borgani, voice
    Nick Ryder, tenor saxophone
    Ari Chais, piano
    Anna Abondolo, double bass
    Kabir Adhiya-Kumar, drums

  2. 9:00 p.m. | Lautaro Mantilla CI Ensemble

    Litha Ashforth, voice
    Cate Byrne, violin
    G Korth-Rockwell, banjo and guitar
    Akram Haddad, piano and keyboard
    Caleb Duval, double bass and guitar
    Jun Hyuk Seo, drums 

    Lautaro Mantilla, coach