Guest Presenter: Chorus Pro Musica

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

This concert is presented by the Chorus Pro Musica

Mendelssohn’s great secular cantata Die erste Walpurgisnacht dramatizes Goethe’s poem about 9th century Druids who trick their Christian oppressors into letting them practice their ancient celebration of spring. Mendelssohn’s music is vigorous and beautiful, and the work evokes issues of religious freedom with considerable wit and charm.

Kodály’s Budavári Te Deum is a glorious, Hungarian-inflected setting of the ancient Latin hymn of praise, commissioned in 1936 by the Lord Mayor of Budapest.

Janáček’s Amarus tells of an orphan, raised by monks with neither love nor affection, who dies when he witnesses true romantic love.

Performed by a 200-voice chorus with a full orchestra. Conducted by Chorus pro Musica’s Music Director, Jamie Kirsch, and Metropolitan Chorale’s Music Director, Lisa Graham.

For more information visit the Chorus Pro Musica website.