Frank Carlberg Faculty Recital

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

The music of the group resides in the area between dusk and dawn of our consciousness and draws from half-remembered recollections of things past. Images of fantasy and reality intermingle in memories of carnivals, side shows and fairgrounds. Nostalgia is felt for imagined events.

The name Dream Machine comes from a rotating cylindrical object co-invented by Ian Sommerville and artist, author Brion Gysin. Gysin maintained that sitting in front of the machine with one's eyes closed would put one in a dream-like state. 

About Frank Carlberg

Pianist, composer Frank Carlberg teaches NEC jazz performance and composition students, and directs the NEC Jazz Composers' Workshop Ensemble, which allows student composers to hear their works for large jazz orchestra realized in live performance.

More about Frank Carlberg

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  2. Frank Carlberg: Going Back

  3. Frank Carlberg: Reconstruction

  4. Frank Carlberg: Grand Hotel

  5. Frank Carlberg: Zimmer's Dream

  6. Frank Carlberg: Hector Mann

  7. Frank Carlberg: The Jester

  8. Frank Carlberg: Into the Sunset

  9. Frank Carlberg: Search & Rescue

  10. Frank Carlberg: Light Matter

    • Ted Reichman, Accordion
    • Hery Paz, Tenor Saxophone
    • James Heazlewood-Dale, Double Bass
    • Jonathan Starks, Drums