A Far Cry Presents: Unrequited

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Featuring Katharine Dain, soprano

“Unrequited” is a musical retelling of the love story between Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms, whose famed letters reveal how deeply they cared for one another despite being separated. In our retelling, Clara and Johannes speak to one another through music across a chasm, vividly portrayed by Kaija Saariaho and brought to life by soprano Katharine Dain.

  1. Clara Schumann, arr. Rafael Popper-Keizer: Selected Lieder

  2. Kaija Saariaho: "Changing Light"

  3. Kaija Saariaho: Terra Memoria

  4. Johannes Brahms, arr. Sarah Darling: String Sextet No. 2 in G Major