A Far Cry Presents: Glittering World

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

A Far Cry presents the world premiere of a new commission by Juantio Becenti that portrays Diné Bahane’, the Navajo creation story, in which “The People” (Diné) ascend through a series of mono-colored worlds into the current world of many colors, also known as “The Glittering World.” A pairing of two prismatic works, the Becenti evokes the refraction of light, and Ted Hearne’s Law of Mosaics (as featured on A Far Cry’s album of the same name) warps, magnifies, and shatters found musical material.

Please contact A Far Cry with any questions regarding programming or ticketing details at boxoffice@afarcry.org or by calling 617-553-4887.

  1. Ted Hearne: Law of Mosaics

  2. Juantio Becenti: The Glittering World (new commission)