Faculty Recital: Alexander Korsantia, piano

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Great artists give free concerts at New England Conservatory—simply because they teach here.

Dubbed "a major artist" by the Miami Herald and a "quiet maverick" by the Daily Telegraph, pianist Alexander Korsantia has been praised for the "clarity of his technique, richly varied tone and dynamic phrasing" (Baltimore Sun), and a "piano technique where difficulties simply do not exist" (Calgary Sun).

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here: https://necmusic.edu/live

  1. Franz Joseph Haydn | Sonata in C Major, Hob. XVI/1


  2. Igor Stravinsky | Petrushka, K012

    Arranged by A. Korsantia for piano and tambourines

    The Shrovetide Fair

    The Magic Trick
    Russian Dance
    Petrushka’s Room

    The Moor’s Room

    The Shrovetide Fair (Evening)



  4. Igor Stravinsky | The Rite of Spring, K015

    Arranged by A. Korsantia for piano and bass drum

    Part I: A Kiss of of the Earth
               The Augurs of Spring – Dances of the Young Girls
               Ritual of Abduction
               Spring Rounds
               Ritual of Two Rival Tribes
               Procession of the Oldest and Wisest One
               The Kiss of the Earth (The Oldest and Wisest One)
               Dancing Out of the Earth

    Part II: The Exalted Sacrifice
                Mystic Circled of the Young Girls
                The Naming and Honoring of the Chosen One
                Evocation of the Ancestors
                Ritual Action of the Ancestors
                Sacrificial Dance - the Chosen One

  5. Both transcriptions ­– Petrushka and Rite of Spring­­ – are the result of my urge to express those timeless masterpieces using 88 keys of a modern piano and pedaled percussion instruments (used mostly by pianist’s left foot) with minimal loss of the colors and grandeur of the original orchestral versions. There is no other goal but to hear them on piano in their full glamour.                                          
    – Alexander Korsantia