Contemporary Improvisation at NEC: Open Form Ensemble & Survivors Breakfast

TWO SETS: 7 & 9 PM

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  1. 7:00 PM: Open Form Ensemble

    This ensemble focuses on experimental scores for small ensembles.

    Open Form Ensemble

    Lyra Montoya, sax
    Farzin Dehghan, kamancheh
    Giulia Haible, cello
    Rihards Kolmanis, guitar
    Chris Chapin, piano

  2. 9:00 pm: Survivors Breakfast

    This ensemble explores the wonderful and terrifying space between Composition and Improvisation. Repertoire includes original compositions by ensemble members and its director along with pieces by such diverse masters as John Zorn, Christian Wolff and KarlheinStockhausen.

    Survivors Breakfast

    Delfina Cheb, voice, guitar
    Litha Ashforth, voice
    Kelly Bray, trumpet
    Marie Carroll, koto, cello
    Miguel Landestoy, piano, keyboard
    Caleb Duval, bass
    Tyler Wagner, bass