Contemporary Improvisation and Jazz at NEC: Persian Music Ensemble and Ted Reichman Jazz Ensemble

TWO SETS: 7 & 9 PM

Watch live stream from Eben Jordan

  1. 7:00 PM: Persian Music Ensemble

    CI students share their introduction to Persian Classical Music, introducing specific works from the canon of Persian music learned in the traditional aural method.

    CI Persian Music Ensemble

    Delfina Cheb, voice
    Isabel Crespo, voice 
    Lucy Little, violin
    Noah Kelly, violin
    Gabriel Soileau, accordion
    Joey Van Leeuwen, drums 

  2. 9:00 PM: Ted Reichman Jazz Ensemble

    Stephanie Borgani, voice
    Nick Ryder, tenor sax
    Ari Chais, piano
    Anna Abondolo, bass
    Nico Daglio-Fine, drums