Contemporary Improvisation and Jazz at NEC: Jerry Leake and Jorrit Dijkstra Jazz Composers' Ensembles

NEC: Eben Jordan Ensemble Room | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Performances by small jazz and contemporary improvisation ensembles coached by NEC's exceptional faculty. This evening's concerts are performed live and streamed in real time from the Eben Jordan Ensemble Room.

TWO sets: 8:15 & 9:30 PM

This performance is open to in-person audiences, and can also be viewed below via livestream.


  1. 8:15 PM | Jerry Leake Ensemble: World Rhythm Studies

    This ensemble aims to develop a student’s own inner sense of rhythm and give them a chance to learn the elegant art of frame drumming. The ensemble materials are derived from a variety of world music, North African, Middle Eastern, South Indian and Brazilian. The students learn many forms of rhythmic puzzles and grooves that were to be sung in time and performed on the drum.


    Itay Goldstein
    Kai Burns

    Evan Haskin
    Alexander D'Astolfo
    Will Sheline
    Jake Walters
    Emma Blanc
    Aiden Coleman
    Weza Jamison-Neto
    Cooper Malanowski
    Helen Bultman
    Tianyi Hu
    Liliann Shires 


  2. 9:30 PM | Jorrit Dijkstra Jazz Composers' Ensemble

    The Dijkstra Jazz Composers’ Ensemble mainly focuses on student composers. Students bring in their compositions for small jazz ensembles to be workshopped with the ensemble.

    Joey Dies, trombone
    Simone Trovato, trumpet
    Lyra Montoya, saxophone
    Nikita Manin, clarinet
    Shane Dylan, piano
    William Mabuza, double bass
    Caleb Montague, drums