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Tre Voci

| New England Conservatory: Jordan Hall

Tre Voci returns to Boston with an eclectic and dynamic program of 20th Century repertoire including the world premiere of "Arabesque" by Toshia Hosokawa.

Featuring 2013 Grammy Award-winning violist and NEC faculty Kim Kashkashian with “the Heifetz of the flute” (Gramophone), Marina Piccinini, and Israeli harpist Sivan Magen, this wondrous trio formed shortly after meeting at the Marlboro Music Festival.

Tonight's program features the world premiere of "Arabesque" by Toshio Hosokawa. Co-commissioned by NEC, in celebration of the school's 150th anniversary, the composer has the following note regarding the new work:

The Arabesque is an Arabian-style ornamental design. The designs are geometrically created using patterns such as letters and vines. It refers to the foliage scroll. This ornamental design mainly came from the desert covered areas in the Middle East, and it is said that the intention of drawing such patterns is to create an oasis in the middle of desert. It is said that Debussy also saw a mystical meaning behind the Arabesque. The Arabesque I would like to draw with sounds, draws two plant-like curves where the flute and viola have the yin-yang relationship. The yin-yang is the principle of cosmic creation of ancient China. In this principle, opposing elements create the lively universe and transform it by coexisting without killing each other. Behind the two lines, the harp provides and supports the place where those two instruments create sounds. I wanted to entrust the Arabesque, where eastern-like sounds are lively born, to these three instruments. This work was commissioned by and dedicated to Trio Tre Voci


  1. Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp "Elegiac"

    Composer: Sir Arnold Bax

    Ensemble: Tre Voci

  2. Partita for Flute solo in A minor, BWV 1013

    Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

    Artists: Marina Piccinini

  3. Sonatine en Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp

    Composer: Maurice Ravel

    Ensemble: Tre Voci

  4. Suite populaire espagnole

    Composer: Manuel de Falla

    Artists: Sivan Magen, Kim Kashkashian

  5. Arabesque, for flute, viola and harp

    Composer: Toshio Hosokawa

    Ensemble: Tre Voci

  6. Romeo and Juliet, Suite no 2

    Composer: Sergei Prokofiev

    Ensemble: Tre Voci