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Anthony Coleman: Streams

| New England Conservatory: Jordan Hall

Contemporary Improvisation alumnus, current faculty member, and maverick composer Anthony Coleman brings together the forces of our CI department to present the world premiere of “Streams,” a new composition commissioned for NEC’s 150th Anniversary. In this work, the performers will explore and confront the problems and possibilities inherent in creating a global music for the 21st century.

Since its founding 150 years ago, one of NEC’s most important contributions to music education has been the school’s effort to confront the convergence of various musical idioms and genres. After introducing the first degree in jazz performance, these efforts intensified in the late 1960s, when NEC president Gunther Schuller brought his “Third Stream” idea to the conservatory. Now called “Contemporary Improvisation”, the mission of this department is to teach students who can adapt to new global approaches to composition, performance, and improvisation.

Welcome to NEC at 150! Every generation of musicians remake and change New England Conservatory. Some, like Gunther Schuller, continue to influence our music beyond their lifetimes. Others contribute for decades, pushing the sense of what's possible by their own examples. The entire season is stuffed with chances to see the NEC legacy in exceptional, infectious, passionate action. Don't miss them!

The NEC150 commissions:

Three world premieres, commissioned in honor of NEC’s 150th.
Three worlds of music: jazz, classical, contemporary improvisation.
Three celebrated composers: Argue, Kernis, Coleman.
The next 150 years of music start now.
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Thursday March 1 | Darcy James Argue (jazz)

Wednesday April 18 | Aaron Jay Kernis (classical)

Wednesday May 2 | Anthony Coleman (contemporary improvisation)



  1. Streams

    Composer: Anthony Coleman