Video & Audio Recording

NEC students and student ensembles may have opportunities to perform in NEC’s Jordan Hall. Jordan Hall concerts are audio recorded by NEC and archived in the Firestone Library. Recordings of solo student recitals or NEC student ensembles can be acquired for a fee through the NEC Audio/Visual department. Students who would like to hire a videographer for these concerts must first seek approval from NEC’s Associate Dean for Artistic Administration, Hank Mou, at least 30 days in advance of the concert date. Requests for approval of video recording can be emailed at Any requests approved for video recording of Jordan Hall concerts will be done so under the following conditions:

  • You, or your appointed videographer, will video tape only that portion of the concert in which you are the featured soloist. No other portion of the concert may be recorded.
  • The video recording is for your own personal evaluation and archival use. NEC authorizes you to duplicate and submit the recording for audition purposes, if you so desire.
  • You will not post the video online on YouTube, your personal website or on any other website. Any desire to post the video in any public domain must be approved by NEC’s Marketing & PR department.
  • You will not distribute the recording via DVD or as an electronic file for any commercial or noncommercial purpose.

Placement of video cameras will be at the discretion of the House and Stage Managers and will not be allowed to obstruct any aisle, doorway or other means of egress.