Tobacco Free Campus Policy

Beginning in September 2017 NEC joins nearly 2000 other colleges and universities in becoming a Tobacco Free campus. There is strong evidence that smoke is harmful to smokers and nonsmokers alike, and it is important to remember that the health of musicians impacts their artistry, which makes a healthy environment even more important.

Many people know that smoking is especially detrimental to singers, brass players, and woodwind players as smoking damages vocal folds and decreases lung capacity and efficiency. But did you know that many studies suggest that smoking can contribute to hearing loss?  Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and vertigo caused by inner ear damage could easily ruin a musician’s career.

The motivation for our Tobacco Free Policy came directly from NEC students.  Student Senators raised the issue at meetings of the College Student Affairs Committee, and we are proud to promote the health and wellness of our community by providing a safe living, working, and learning environment free of secondhand smoke. 

This policy applies to everyone on campus: students, staff, faculty, guests, and visitors.  Use of any tobacco, marijuana, or nicotine products including electronic cigarettes or vape pens is prohibited in all buildings and outdoor areas controlled by NEC, including a fifty-foot perimeter around the streets and sidewalks abutting any NEC building.