Performance & Recording Release

All concerts presented by NEC performing groups/organizations as part of NEC’s academic concertcalendar may be audiotaped, filmed, or videotaped. In addition, NEC may engage in commercial audio recording, film and video projects featuring its performing groups/organizations. NEC reserves all rights to these audio recordings, films or videotapes (known collectively hereafter as “Recordings”), including the right to broadcast, license, assign, and distribute the Recordings and derivatives thereof in all media, for any purpose and without limitation. All NEC students assign to NEC all copyright and other rights in such performances and Recordings, including any proceeds earned from commercial distribution or other use of the Recordings. In addition, a student’s name and likeness in the published materials associated with these Recordings may be used by NEC and its agents. NEC is released from any claims arising out of broadcast, commercial distribution and promotion of these recordings.