Certificate of Merit in Music Theory & Composition

The Certificate of Merit in Music Theory and Composition is a 24-credit program and can be completed in one year of full-time study. Students may also elect to complete it within three years part-time.

The Certificate of Merit is for students who have had some training and are interested in focusing on improving technique and musicianship. The core of the Certificate of Merit in music theory and composition is private studio instruction and composition seminars. Students will also gain a solid understanding of music theory, composition and history and the technological tools necessary for being a musician in the twenty-first century. Composition Seminar is also a key component that allows students to collaborate and grow through working with other musicians. The capstone experience for the Certificate of Merit is a recital that highlights the progress the student has made as a musician.

Students in the Certificate of Merit program come from all walks of life. Some students are preparing for undergraduate or graduate degrees in music. Others are amateur musicians that are looking to take their skills to the next level and gain a solid musical foundation, and some are international students beginning their musical career in the United States. No matter where you’re coming from, the Certificate of Merit can help you get where you’re going.

Certificate of Merit in Music Theory & Composition Requirements credits
Music Theory & Literacy 1 & 2 4
Composition Seminar 1 & 2 3
Music History/Literature 4
Electives (choose from):

Art of Musical Sight Reading
Modal Counterpoint
18th Century Tonal Counterpoint
Piano Class 
Intro to Composition I
Intro to Composition II
Finale Chart Writing
Developing Perfect Pitch I & II

Music Technology 1
Private Lessons 8
Final Recital 0
Total Credits required 24