Building the Phrase: A Body Mapping & Movement Workshop

July 13 - 15, 2020

Daily 12pm-2pm and 7pm-8pm

Vanessa Mulvey teaches Body Mapping in front of a blackboard, with models of the human skeleton.

‘Building The Phrase’ dives deep into the movement foundation of music-making. Body Mapping will clarify your understanding of the body’s design for movement and how to optimize awareness. Movement including Drew Ricciard’s Primal Spiral Method will be the vehicle to experience and discern connections in the body that contribute to movement quality and expression.  

Over three days, participants will be guided to integrate concepts into playing and accumulate tools to recognize the playing limitations that inhibit performance.  Learning to move with precision and efficiency will help each participant understand how to build any phrase from the ground up.

Sessions include: 

  • Movement explorations to prep and reset the body for music-making.
  • Anatomical workshops from ‘What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body’
  • Application of concepts directly into playing
  • ‘Building The Phrase,’ workshops to approach playing and overcoming musical challenges through integrating course concepts.

Vanessa Mulvey began integrating Ricciardi’s method into her Body Mapping courses at NEC in 2018.  She found that musicians began to embody their playing more quickly and the movement experiences were memorable and accessible, even under pressure.  This workshop combines the power of their complementary perspectives to help musicians realize artistic potential while staying in top performance shape.

This workshop is perfect for wind players who want to capitalize on lung capacity, vocalists who want to free their physical form for better performance, pianists who want to reach their technical and expressive potential, and string players who want to free the shoulder, neck and arms. You will see and experience how movement holds solutions to musical challenges and resolution to discomfort and pain and have the tools to integrate the concepts into your playing.

Performance confidence will grow as expression flows in Building The Phrase! The workshop is geared to professional, college and adult musicians who want more out of their playing.

Drew Ricciardi is a practitioner of the Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yamuna Body Rolling, and Core Movement Integration methods. In combining these practices with the theories of Tom Myers, Judith Aston, Stephen Porges, and Mela Tenenbaum, to name a handful, Drew has created a straightforward system of spiraling the structure through weight shifting known as The Primal Spiral Method. As a professional violist himself, Primal Spiral has allowed Drew to ground, strengthen, and protect his body, maintaining and furthering his technique as an instrumentalist pain-free. The Primal Spiral Method can be practiced anywhere in the world; using an extremely compact and portable nylon strap, rubber ball, and pump, a traveling artist can easily accommodate these items in their luggage, all for under $50. For more information, refer to Drew’s digital workspace @themonkeybody on Instagram where you can contact him directly and schedule a Zoom session.

Tuition & Fees

We welcome ages 14 and over, and at all proficiency levels.

Registration Fee: $150
Discounted Fee for Current NEC Students: $100
Discounted Fee for NEC Faculty and NEC Alumni: $115

To receive either of these discounts, please register first, then email Rebecca Wolff if you are a current NEC student, faculty or alum. She will refund the discount to you.

Contact Vanessa Mulvey with any questions.