Task Forces

Task Forces were charged with:

  • Reviewing data and information gleaned from prior planning work, individual interviews, and other information-gathering vehicles;
  • Responding to assumptions, ideas and hypotheses based on that data;
  • Developing recommendations for strategies and program directions that will best align with NEC's mission, vision, and values as well as give it distinction in the future.

Alumni Task Force

  • Kathryn Bacasmot ‘06 M.M., Collaborative Piano
  • Colleen Bryant ‘04 M.M., Voice
  • Virginia (Gabby) Diaz ‘03 B.M., Violin
  • Charlotte Landrum ‘05 B.M., Voice
  • Rick McLaughlin ‘99 B.M., ’05 M.M., Jazz Studies
  • Esther Ning Yau ‘95 M.M., Accompanying
  • (Daniel) Ben Schwartz ‘03 M.M., Cello
  • Cheryl Weber, Director, Alumni Relations (ex officio)

College Faculty Task Force

  • Laura Ahlbeck, College Faculty, Oboe
  • Lucy Chapman, College Faculty, Violin; Chair, Strings & Chamber Music
  • Allan Chase ‘81, College Faculty, Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation, Liberal Arts
  • Michael Gandolfi ‘79 B.M., ’81 M.M., College Faculty; Chair, Composition
  • Paul Katz, College Faculty, Cello, Professional String Quartet Training Program
  • Katarina Miljkovich, College Faculty, Music Theory
  • Irma Vallecillo, College Faculty; Co-Chair, Collaborative Piano
  • Larry Wolfe ‘70 B.M., College Faculty, Double Bass

Community Engagement Task Force

  • Mark Churchill ‘72 B.M., '75 M.M., Dean, Preparatory School & School of Continuing Education
  • Thomas Novak, Dean of the College
  • Ellen Pfeifer, Public Relations Manager
  • Lisa Wong, President, Longwood Symphony
  • Sally Rubin, Overseer, Member, Investment Committee

Facilities Task Force

  • Stephanie Sonnabend, Trustee; Chair, Facilities Committee
  • Paul Braverman, Overseer
  • Harriet Carey, Overseer
  • Bob Culver, Overseer; Member, Finance Committee
  • Anna Davol, Secretary, Board of Trustees; Member, Finance Committee
  • Stephen Friedlaender, Trustee; Chair, Board of Trustees (as of June 2008)
  • Lisa Frusztajer, Overseer
  • Marvin Gilmore, Overseer
  • William Pounds, Overseer
  • Linda Sallop, Trustee
  • Gerald Slavet, Trustee
  • Norton Sloan, Treasurer, Board of Trustees; Chair, Finance Committee
  • Prudence Steiner, Trustee
  • Timothy Vaill, Overseer
  • Jack Vernon, Chair, Board of Trustees (until June 2008); Life Trustee

Management Team Task Force

  • Elisabeth Christensen '98 M.M., Director, Preparatory School
  • Mark Churchill '72 B.M., '75 M.M., Dean, Preparatory School & School of Continuing Education
  • Hilary Field Respass '88 B.M., Head of Operations & Institutional Planning
  • Thomas Handel '98 D.M.A., Dean of Students
  • Don Jones, Vice President, Institutional Advancement
  • Edward Lesser, Chief Financial Officer
  • Charles Membrino, Director, Information Technology Services
  • Thomas Novak, Dean of the College
  • Ellen Pfeifer, Public Relations Manager
  • Carol Phelan, Director, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Tony Woodcock, President

Preparatory School/School of Continuing Education Faculty Task Force

  • Laura Blustein, Prep/SCE Faculty, Cello; Chair, Chamber Music
  • Mariana Green-Hill, Prep/SCE Faculty, Violin
  • Murray Kidd, Prep/SCE Faculty, Voice
  • Rodney Lister, Prep/SCE Faculty, Music Theory and Composition; Chair, Composition
  • Angel Ramon Rivera, Prep/SCE Faculty, Piano
  • Richard Shaughnessy, Prep/SCE Faculty, Clarinet
  • Daniel Wyneken, Prep/SCE Faculty, Voice
  • David Zoffer, Prep/SCE Faculty, Chair, Jazz

Student Task Force (Student Senate)

  • Denexxel Domingo ‘09 M.M., Clarinet
  • Soonmee Kwon ‘09 M.M., Piano     
  • Mark Levy ‘08 B.M., Jazz Studies
  • Kathryn Salfelder ‘09 B.M., Composition

Technology Work Group/Task Force

  • Paul Burdick, College Faculty, Music Theory
  • Denexxel Domingo, College Student
  • Staffan Ericsson, Overseer; Member, Finance and Student Affairs committees
  • Nicholas Kitchen, College Faculty, Strings and Chamber Music, Member, Borromeo String Quartet
  • John Mallia, College Faculty, Composition, Director, Electronic Music Studio
  • Charles Membrino, Director, Information Technology Services
  • Lisa Nigris, Director, Audio/Visual Services