Strategic Planning Committee

The charge of the Strategic Planning Committee was to provide guidance and input as institutional priorities and vision took shape. This group wrestled with difficult choices as financial realities become apparent. By design, each Planning Committee member also served on a Task Force in order to provide continuity and depth in both sets of discussions.

  • Michael Gandolfi ’79 B.M., ’81 M.M., College Faculty; Chair, Composition
  • Samuel L. Hayes III, Life Trustee; Member, Investment Committee
  • Edward Lesser, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Levy ’08 B.M., Student
  • Colleen Bryant Palmer ’04 M.M., Director of Student Life
  • William Pounds, Overseer; Member, Facilities Committee
  • Hilary Field Respass ’88 B.M., Head of Operations & Institutional Planning
  • Angel Ramon Rivera ’65 B.M., ’67 M.M., College/Prep/SCE Faculty, Piano
  • Linda Sallop, Trustee; Member, Facilities Committee
  • Irma Vallecillo, College Faculty; Co-Chair, Collaborative Piano Department
  • Frank Wisneski, Trustee; Member, Finance and Audit committees
  • Lisa Wong, President, Longwood Symphony
  • Tony Woodcock, President
  • David Zoffer ’01 M.M., Prep/SCE Faculty; Chair, Prep/SCE Jazz