Student-Centric Campus Redevelopment

Plan, restore, and build new facilities

In summer 2008, NEC began implementing a major $22 million deferred maintenance project to preserve and upgrade its academic buildings for the next 50 years. In addition, we formed a Campus Planning committee comprising Board members, staff, faculty, and students, to advise us on an overall Campus Master Plan. And, in fall 2008, we also launched a bidding process to hire a master planning consultant, with the goal of having a completed plan ready by June 2009.

The priorities for campus redevelopment are:

  • New residence hall to incorporate living spaces for approximately 400 students (roughly double current capacity). Students would benefit from improved quality and a greater emphasis on student life and room fees competitive with apartment rents. The institution would benefit from improved competitive position and higher contribution to the bottom line. (Faculty who travel to Boston to teach would also be invited to reside in a special section of the dorm.)
  • Increased number of practice and performance spaces;
  • Student life center;
  • New (and combined) library;
  • Renovated concert halls.

Additional facilities priorities were also identified through the Strategic Planning process. They are:

  • Opera performance space (e.g. black box) including multi-media capacity;
  • Multi-media spaces;
  • New recording studios and editing rooms;
  • Expanded electronic music studio and related space;
  • Jazz club;
  • Multi-media listening rooms — as part of new library.

Increase annual investment in facilities

In addition to Campus Master Planning, NEC’s annual operating investment in facilities must be increased to minimize future deferred maintenance problems, and to preserve the appearance of the facilities.