Institutional Strategy

As a result of NEC’s inclusive and reflective planning process, many powerful program and capital initiatives were recommended that would assist the Conservatory in realizing its vision. It became clear, however, that, given the breadth, scope, and financial implications of these initiatives, priorities would have to be set if the Strategic Plan were to be sustainable. During the summer and fall of 2008, the Task Forces and Planning and Oversight Committees met to hone the list. As they proceeded, however, they were guided by the understanding that certain core ideals must be defended against potential compromise and dilution. These ideals, which also represent points of differentiation for NEC among its peers, included: the Conservatory’s student-centric focus, the need to preserve the intimate size of the College student body (720 FTTE or full-time tuition equivalent) and the one-on-one studio experience, the open access and enrollment of Preparatory and Continuing Education, and the hands-on, interactive nature of the community programs.

With these in mind, the planners agreed that the following five priorities will be the most critical for the Conservatory’s future and success.

Priority 1 Scholarship and Financial Aid

Priority 2 Distinctive Faculty and Programs

Priority 3 Student-Centric Campus Redevelopment

Priority 4 Technology

Priority 5 New Revenue Initiatives