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Sistema Fellowship Resource Center

“Five groups of ten become one more-powerful group of 50. It is no exaggeration to say they are the greatest hope of this movement.”
—Eric Booth, Senior Advisor


As the 50 Sistema Fellows are demonstrating, El Sistema offers a new vision of musicians in the community, one that takes them from the periphery to the center as agents of transformation. It’s a vision that beckons musicians to become what Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu calls “Apostles to Society.”

As we approached the end of the five-year Sistema Fellows Program, NEC began to imagine how it could build on its success. How could we best contribute to the now flourishing field of El Sistema-inspired programs throughout the country? After analyzing the projects that exist, conducting a survey among the first four classes of alumni, and listening to many specific requests, we determined that our next step should be to strengthen and enhance the expertise and skills of the 50 alumni Fellows. To that end, we created the Sistema Fellowship Resource Center (2014-2016).

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