Archival Holdings


Eben Tourjée (1867-1890)
Robert Goldbeck, Co-Director (1867-1868)
Carl Faelten (1890-1897)
George W. Chadwick (1897-1930)
Wallace Goodrich (1931-1942)
Quincy Porter (1942-1946)
Harrison Keller (Acting Director 1946-1947, Director 1947-1953, President 1953-1958)
James Aliferis (1958-1962)
Chester W. Williams (1962-1967)
Gunther Schuller (1967-1977)
J. Stanley Ballinger (1977-1982)
Laurence Lesser (Artistic Director 1982-1983, President 1983-1996, Interim CEO 2006-2007)
Robert Freeman (1997-1999)
Daniel Steiner (Acting President 1999-2000, President 2000-2006)
Tony Woodcock (2007-2015)
Thomas Novak (Interim President 2015-2018)
Andrea Kalyn (2019-present)

Board of Trustees/Overseers

Sherwin Badger

Presidential Assistants

Andrew Falender
Donald Harris
Larry Livingston
Lewis Lloyd
Harvey Phillips
Peter Schoenbach

Dean of Faculty/Provost

Chester W. Williams

Alumni Relations

Building Operations

Business/Finance Office

Dean of Students

Institutional Advancement/Development

Marketing & Communications




Academic Departments

Former Faculty

Third Stream/Contemporary Improvisation

Preparatory and Continuing Education

Prep/SCE Strategic Plan FY2012–2017

Alumni Papers

Louis Alter 
Edna Anderson (Briggs)
Daniel Antoun 

Denise Bacon
Rick Badman
Dorothy Bales 
Jessie F. Boyd 
Edward F. Brigham 
Maud D. Brooks 
Sarah Caldwell
Ronald and Florence Christianson
Frank M. Church
Elinor Colby 
Avram David 
Fred DiLucci 
Marion Davison Duffie
Donald Emerson
Ray Fennelle
Helen Foster
Robert Frazee
Faye Friedman 
Frances Baker Frogel
Buckner Gamby
Laura Hawkins
Marie Charles Hille 
Margaret M. Hogan (Bowler)
Alfred Hoose
Carl Howard
Julia Klumpkey 
Jean Lunn
Florence Owen Mills
Nuncio 'Toots' Mondello 
Vaughn Monroe 
Millie Paddock 
Dorothy Park
Lee Pattison/Carl Baermann 
Adelaide Phillips
Maude Phillips
Virginia Raad (unprocessed)
Sarame Raynolds
Clarence Reed
Katrina Reed
Leo Reisman
Hilda Pauline Rosengard 
Esther Sands 
Isabelle Taliaferro Spiller
Walter F. Starbuck 
Warner Collection of Eleanor Steber Materials
Helen Tetlow 
Marian Vafiades
Martha Maybury Wampler
Rusty Warren

Faculty Papers

F. John Adams
Charles H. Bennett
Arthur Berger

Ran Blake
Robert Ceely
Frederick S. Converse
Silvio Coscia
Lorna Cooke deVaron
Arthur Foote
Victoria Glaser
Howard Goding
Boris Goldovsky
Eugene Gruenberg
Helen Hodam
Louis Krasner
Frances Lanier
Clement Lenom
Carl McKinley
John Orth
Carlyle Petersilea
George Russell, Teaching
Larry Scripp, Learning through Music Collection
Robert Selig
Fenwick Smith (unprocessed)
Warren Storey Smith
Albert Tepper (unprocessed)
Edward Zambara

Student Organization/Ensemble Records

Elson Club
Kappa Gamma Psi
Mu Phi Epsilon
NEC Opera
The Penguin
Pi Kappa Lambda

Miscellaneous Collections

Beethoven Statue
Beneficent Society (unprocessed)
Records of the Boston String Quartet
Charles Cobb Walker Library Collection
El Sistema Movement
EM Grants
Honors Ensemble
Gertrude Norman – Marcia Van Dresser Room
Maud Moon Sanborn
Miscellaneous Correspondence and Autographs
Measure by Measure
Notes Magazine
Oliver Ditson Fund for the Relief of Needy Musicians
Voice of Firestone

Concert Programs

New England Conservatory of Music Concert Programs, 1867-
Jordan Hall Program Scrapbooks, 1903-1964 (the vast majority are from 1904-1932)
Apollo Club Programs, 1872-1932
Crystal Palace Programs, 1875-1885
Hampden County Musical Association Music Festival Programs, 1889-1899
Monday Popular Concerts, 1862-1900

Concert Recordings