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Presidential Assistants

John C. Kennedy                           1963-1967
Vice President

Donald Harris
Assistant to the President             1967-1972
Vice President                                  1972-1977

Harvey Phillips, Jr.                         1967-1972  
Assistant to the President

Andrew Falender          
Director of Administrative Affairs   1975-1977
Vice President                                  1977-1983   
Chief Executive Officer                    1983-1988

Larry Livingston       
Vice President                                   1977-1982

Peter Schoenbach                          1978-1982  
Assistant to the President &
Associate Dean

David Murphy                             
Vice President                                    1980-1981

Nancy Perkins           
Vice President/External Affairs         1987-1995

Lewis L. Lloyd     
Vice President/Finance &                  1989-1992         Administration                                                                                 

Helen Ouellette                           
Vice President/Finance &                  1992-1998

Ronald Schiller      
Vice President/Institutional               1997-1999

Susan Davy
Vice President/Finance &                  1999-2007

Julianne Larsen            
Vice President/Institutional               2000-2002

Don Jones                                       2002- 2016         
Vice President/Institutional

Ed Lesser, Senior Vice President, Finance & Operations (2007-

Carol Phelan, Vice President of Marketing & Communications, 2007-

Kathleen Kelly, Vice President of Institutional Advancement (2016-