NEC Strategic Plan

In December 2008, the Board of Trustees of New England Conservatory voted to approve a new Strategic Plan for the years FY2009/10–FY2015/16. The vote was the culmination of a year’s work by more than 200 members of the Conservatory family, from students to alumni to faculty to board and staff. Together, the planners examined the condition of NEC and drew together the ideas that would become the roadmap for the future.

The Plan places NEC students at its very heart. It operates from the assumption that the Conservatory must be a student-centric academy in which young musicians of all ages can develop their artistry and set off on their individual creative paths. Every element of the Plan is anchored in this commitment to our students.

In its vote, the Board agreed:

To approve the New England Conservatory Strategic Plan FY2009/10–FY2015/16, of which the five priorities, in summary, are:

  1. Scholarship and Financial Aid (an increase in the College discount rate from 40% to 50% and the Preparatory School/School of Continuing Education discount rate from 8.5% to 15%),
  2. Distinctive Faculty and Programs (continuation of effort to attract premier faculty, strengthening of the opera and voice programs, expansion of programs in Prep and the School of Continuing Education, introduction of a Professional Development Training program, enhancement of community engagement and strategic partnerships (including creation of local and national educational programs based on Venezuela's El Sistema), tours for ensembles, and increased marketing and public relations),
  3. Student-centric Campus Redevelopment (notably a new dormitory, library, additional performance space, and practice facilities),
  4. Technology (expansion of technological capacity, including educational and customer service tools, and curriculum and distance learning capabilities), and
  5. New Revenue (from sources not yet available),

the pace of progress toward execution of the Plan to be determined by

  • NEC's financial ability to sustain and implement Plan projects within its normal operating budget,
  • NEC's ability to raise direct support for other Plan projects, and
  • NEC's success in conducting a comprehensive capital campaign to fund the remaining Plan projects