Additional Application Details

English Requirement

Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency.

Most applicants prove proficiency through the TOEFL or IELTS exams. A PDF scan of the official score report should be uploaded to the online application. If you have not yet taken the TOEFL or IELTS before submitting the application, you should schedule the exam immediately and email the Admissions Office a PDF of your score report as soon as you receive it. NEC must receive a PDF of your score report by January 1, even if the score does not yet meet NEC's established minimums. If an applicant has not earned a qualifying score by January 1, they must provide a higher, qualifying score no later than March 1 to be considered for admission. No offer of admission will be made until English proficiency has been demonstrated.

Minimum Scores:

Undergraduate programs: TOEFL 61 iBT; IELTS 6.0
Graduate programs: TOEFL 79 iBT; IELTS 6.5

Score reports should be submitted as PDFs to the online application and any updates should be sent via email to your Admissions Counselor. Scores should be from tests taken within two years of the application deadline. Offical score reports will only be required if you are accepted and choose to enroll at NEC (ETS school code: 3659).

Exemption from the examination requirement: 

Applicants who will have completed a full-time degree program at a U.S. college or university or a diploma at a U.S. high school are automatically considered for a waiver of the exam requirement based on a review of submitted transcripts. NEC reserves the right to require additional information, if needed.

Applicants who will have completed a full-time degree program at a non-U.S. college or university where English is the language of instruction may request an exemption from the exam requirement. The request should be a written statement of at least 100 words describing your experience with the English language and the reasons you are qualified to begin studies at NEC without submitting a TOEFL or IETLS score. Requests should be uploaded as a part of the online application.

International Student Information

In addition to following all application procedures for your program and major, applicants who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents should be aware of the following information.

Transcripts: All transcripts must be in English or accompanied by notarized English translation. International students whose original transcripts are not issued in English must also provide official translations.

The Admissions Office may require that international applicants have their transcripts evaluated by an organization specializing in foreign credential evaluation, such as World Education Services ( or Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. ( Students are welcome to contact these transcript evaluation services before applying in order to expedite the process and accurately determine what level of study they are qualified for in the United States. If a transcript evaluation service is used, the student must still have an original transcript sent to NEC in English or in the original language with a notarized translation.

Current visa or U.S. permanent residency: Applicants who are presently living in the U.S. and hold either a visa or permanent residency card should submit copies of the pertinent documents.

English proficiency: Applicants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency. Please review our English Requirement information above.

Eligibility for I-20 and student visa: Admitted students who are not U.S. Citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents will need to obtain an F-1 student visa in order to pursue studies in the United States. To qualify for the student visa, students must demonstrate that they have the funds available to cover the full cost of attending NEC for one year, including tuition, room, board, medical insurance, student fees, and personal expenses. Funding may be combined from several sources. If a student is awarded NEC scholarship assistance, this award may be counted toward the cost of tuition; NEC does not offer financial support to cover living expenses or fees. Any applicant who does not have the financial means to cover all costs related to attending NEC should research possibilities of outisde support early in the application process.

Students do not need to show documentation of funds at the time of the application. Instructions about how to obtain the I-20 and F-1 visa will be sent to international students after admission and payment of the tuition deposit. NEC will process I-20 forms only after receiving the NEC Certification of Finances form with accompanying documentation and letters of support.

Visitor visa for live audition: To attend a live audition at NEC, some international students may need to obtain a B-1 visitor visa. Please contact the U.S. embassy or consulate in your area for information about the requirements.

Artistic Resume

All applicants must submit an Artistic Resume into the online application. Please note that the online application will accept only very basic text formatting. Please compose your essay in a word processing program with the intention of pasting it into the online application, but keep the formatting very simple. Do not use bold, italics, underlines, indentations, etc. This resume should provide a brief overview of your artistry and accomplishments. It should not be exhaustive; please do not submit an extensive list of everything you have ever done. Please review the sample below.

NEC Sample Artistic Resume

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Specific Application Instructions

Undergraduate Applicants

Graduate Applicants

Audition Requirements

If you have any questions throughout the application process, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office. We recommend that you contact the Admissions team member who specifically handles applications to your major or degree program.

NEC Alumni and Current Students

NEC alumni must file a complete application including requested transcripts and supporting materials. Current NEC students and alumni interested in applying to begin a new degree or program must obtain unofficial copies of their NEC transcripts from the Registrar's Office and upload these to the online application (the NEC Admissions Office does not have access to your academic records otherwise). The application fee for NEC alumni and current students is $75 per program/major.

Re-Admission to NEC

NEC students who currently hold "Inactive" status do not need to apply for re-admission. Requests for re-activation of enrollment should be directed to the Dean of Students no later than March 1 for a September return and October 1 for a January return.

Former NEC students who have withdrawn from their programs must re-apply through the Admissions Office. Students requesting re-admission must submit a new online application and updated transcripts, recommendations, and other supporting materials. An audition or interview is typically required. Scholarship and financial aid are reconsidered based on an updated admissions evaluation. In order to be considered for scholarship or financial aid, all appropriate paperwork must be provided to the Financial Aid Office.

Timely submission of all materials is in the student’s best interest as openings are limited and financial aid is often expended early.