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Interested in applying to be the co-editor for The Penguin? Applications can be found here and are due in the Office of Student Services by April 29! Contact Suzanne Hegland for more information.


NEC's Student Newspaper 

Welcome to your newspaper! The Penguin is New England Conservatory's student-run monthly newspaper, featuring timely articles, interviews, tips, concert reviews, short fiction, poetry, cartoons, photos, restaurant reviews, and shout-outs.

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Mission Statement

To bring unity to the NEC community beyond our academic and professional lives, and to inform students about cultural events at NEC and in the greater Boston Area. The Penguin aims to offer a forum for critical discussion within the NEC community concerning all spheres of life providing students of various backgrounds an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences.



Chief Editor: Andrew Port

Assistant Editor: Umar Zakaria

Faculty Advisor: Suzanne Hegland

Staff Writers:

Elizabeth Wendt
Julian Pozniak
Nicholas Tisherman
Alex Stening
Sarah Atwood
Inga Liu
Darynn Dean 

Staff Writers
As a Staff Writer, you are expected to submit one article per month for the Penguin, unless otherwise noted. Staff Writers have access to one-page and two-page article spreads, as well as several other templates that are unique and fun to work with. In addition, Staff Writers get to take part in trips around Boston to various coffee shops, cafés and other creative spaces as a team. While there, Staff Writers can brainstorm ideas, write their articles, and consult with the Editors in person regarding content they are producing. Most importantly, each outing will be a fun and relaxing chance to relax with fellow Penguins in new places. Staff Writers are also given priority for space in each issue.

Guest Authors and Submissions
New to The Penguin this year, this position is meant to appeal to those who might have taken a casual interest in The Penguin, but do not want to commit themselves to the team. We understand stresses of a vigorous school year, and do not expect everyone to have the same availability as others. Guest Submissions involve articles or other forms of content written by anyone who wants to feature something in the Penguin once or twice, without commitment. These articles will be added to issues after all Staff Writers have summited their pieces; therefore, only a limited amount of these submissions can be added per issue. Additionally, most guest submissions will not have access to the unique variety of templates that Staff Writers do. Guest Authors are also unable to join the Penguin team for the outings into Boston to brainstorm.

How Do I Get Involved?

Contact Us

If you have an idea for an article, or have questions about how to get involved, please contact us! Any articles that you wish to submit for review and publishing are welcome as well!