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Welcome to your newspaper! The Penguin is New England Conservatory's student-run monthly newspaper, featuring timely articles, interviews, tips, concert reviews, short fiction, poetry, cartoons, photos, restaurant reviews, and shout-outs.

Think there's something missing from this list? Maybe it's YOU! All students are welcome to join the discussion. Visit our website, like us on Facebook  or contact us via email at Even better - come to one of our meetings. We get together to brainstorm, vent and flex our creative and journalistic muscles on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the Student Lounge. Join us!

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Mission Statement

To bring unity to the NEC community beyond our academic and professional lives, and to inform students about cultural events at NEC and in the greater Boston Area. The Penguin aims to offer a forum for critical discussion within the NEC community concerning all spheres of life providing students of various backgrounds an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences.


The Penguin staff meets Tuesday at 6 PM in Bistro 33.  All are welcome to attend meetings.


Chief Editor:  Kate Lemmon

Staff Writers:
Robert Cinnante
Akenya Seymour
DJ Cheek
Julia Partyka
Rafael Horowitz-Freedman
Tong Wang
Stephen Garman
Billy McShane
TJ Cienki

Staff Advisors: Suzanne Hegland, Thomas Handel

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Please note that during the summer break, e-mail will be checked infrequently.