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Want a deeper community experience?
CPP has options for you.

Student Involvement in CPPP


As a culture of community service is strongly promoted at NEC, students are encouraged by faculty and administrators to participate in the Community Performances and Partnerships Program.

Any student who is interested may sign up to be involved on a volunteer basis as much or little as their schedule allows. Additionally, some students have class, program, or studio requirements that include participation in these programs.

Students who are interested in a deeper community engagement experience may apply to participate in one of NEC's Community Performances and Partnerships Fellowships. Students who are accepted into these programs receive an honorarium for their participation. All students who perform/work in community settings receive training through workshops, one-on-one mentoring, classes, seminars, and peer feedback sessions.  Below are the five fellowship program opportunities offered through the CPP Program:

  • Community Fellowship Program
  • Musical Storytelling Fellowship Program
  • Teaching Fellowship Program
  • Ensemble Fellowship Program
  • Holiday Ensemble Fellowship Program

View a complete description of each of the CPP Fellowship Programs.

If you are a current NEC student and would like to more information on ways that you can be involved in the program, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact:

Tanya Maggi
Director of Community Performances and Partnerships
(617) 585-1243
Nataly Wickham
Community Performances and Partnerships Program Manager
(617) 585-1196
Grace Allendorf
Community Performances and Summer Institutes Manager
(617) 585-1743

Celebrating 2016-2017 CPP Fellows

These students were chosen through a competitive application process, and will collectively perform, teach, coach, and collaborate with partners at over 400 events in the Boston community this academic year.  We are so incredibly proud of the passion and dedication these fellows have shown as they both share their artistry and forge meaningful relationships with people across our community. 

Individual Fellows - Residency/Special Projects
Julia Dwyer, voice
Amanda Ekery, jazz voice
Carmen Lavada Johnson-Pajaro, violin
Lauren Parks, composition
Daniel Raney, bass
Kevonna Shuford, viola

Individual Fellows - Solo
Christopher Hwang, cello
Kevin Metzger, guitar
Luciano Monaco, guitar
Alix Raspé, harp
Dana Schneider, harp

Individual Fellows - Duos
Sunniva Brynnel and Lily Honigberg, accordion and violin
David Bernat and Jiarong Li, violin and piano
Andrea Wozniak and Bradley Stone, voice and guitar
Zhuqing Zhang and Sarah Gao, viola and piano
Umar Zakaria and Yuki Futami, bass and piano
Adam Floyd and Moriah Trenk, clarinet and piano
Alexandra Purdy and Hongge Du, voice and piano
Maria Giovanetti and Annie Kwok, voice and piano
Andrew Heath and Yi Ding, trumpet and piano
Eunghee Cho and Xu Guo, cello and piano
Monica Pabelonio and Steven Long, jazz voice and piano
Julia Cohen and Lingbo Ma, voice and piano
Priya Carlberg and Shane Simpson, jazz voice and piano

Musical Storytelling Fellows
Micah Gharavi, bassoon
Gergana Haralampieva, violin
Sho Kato, flute
Joanna Kim, voice
Brittnee Pool, clarinet
Michael Shayte, tenor trombone
Megan Shusta, horn

Teaching Fellows
Nitzan Gal, cello
Matthew Griffith, clarinet
Suebin Jin, cello
Jake Kaplan, bass/trombone
Dylan Kennedy, violin
Robert Lane, trumpet
Daniel Lyng, voice
Kevin Metzger, guitar
Nicholas Pelletier, viola
Jordan Reynolds, voice
Mona Sangesland, flute
Marisa Waller, voice

Ensemble Fellows
Petite Feet
Travis Bliss, saxophone
Shane Simpson, piano
Simon Willson, bass
Jon Starks, drums

Jazz Trio
Erez Dessel, piano
Andrew Bedard, tenor saxophone
Bruce Kang, bass

Piano Trio
Jiarong Li, piano
Yingchen Zhang, violin
Suebin Jin, cello

Conducting Trio
Holly Choe, conducting
Gergana Haralampieva, violin
Christian Gutierrez, horn

Julian Loida, percussion
Sofia Kriger, voice
Seyun Park, piano
Eli Cohen, drums
James Dale, bass

String Duo
Geneva Lewis, violin
Zhanbo Zhang, viola

Holiday Ensemble Fellows
Graduate Vocal Quartet
Julia Dwyer, soprano
Whitney Robinson, alto
Jordan Reynolds, tenor
Grant Braider, bass

Horn Quartet
Joe Cradler, horn
Christian Gutierrez, horn
Megan Shusta, horn
Reese Williams, horn

Vocal Trio
Maria Giovanetti, soprano
Joana Kim, soprano
Moira Loh, alto

Vocal Trio
Chelsea DeSouza, soprano
Pepita Salim, soprano
Gina Ruzhansky, alto

Vocal Trio
Julia Cohen, soprano
Alexandra Purdy, soprano
Pauline Tan, alto

Jazz Quartet
Chloe Brisson, jazz voice
Yuki Futami, piano
Bruce Kang, bass
Zachary King, percussion

Petite Feet
Travis Bliss, saxophone
Shane Simpson, piano
Simon Willson, bass
Jon Starks, drums