This section of the website addresses collegiate programs at NEC along with links to our Continuing Education Certificate programs (see links at left). Programs suitable for children and teens are offered through the NEC Preparatory School. Evening and weekend non-degree programs for adults and summer programs for adults and children are offered through NEC Continuing Education.

Degree and Diploma Programs: Overview

NEC offers degree and diploma programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in performance and composition. At the graduate level, we also offer conducting, collaborative piano, music theory, musicology, and vocal pedagogy. Please see our complete list of Departments and Majors for further information.

The central focus of all NEC programs is one-on-one studio instruction with a faculty mentor. The studio relationship is supported and enhanced by rigorous coursework and frequent performances in some of the world's best collegiate large ensembles and chamber groups.

Degree Programs

Degree programs combine rigorous performance studies with academic coursework. At the undergraduate level, academic coursework includes both musical and liberal arts subjects. At the graduate level, academic coursework is focused on musical subjects. Degree programs offered:

In addition, NEC has partnered with Tufts and Harvard to provide five-year programs for students seeking intensive study in both music and academic subjects. Dual degree programs offered:

Diploma Programs

Diploma programs offer intensive performance-focused courses of study. Please note that diplomas are not always accepted as qualification for entry into higher-level degree programs in the United States (for example, an Undergraduate Diploma does not generally qualify a student to enter a Master of Music degree program). Diploma programs offered:

Chamber Ensemble Programs

NEC offers two programs for advanced pre-existing chamber ensembles who demonstrate significant performance ability and potential. One group is in residence at a time in each program, typically for a period of two years. Professional programs offered:

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NEC and its programs are accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).