Music at the Meeting HouseMusic at the Meeting House

Experience the music of NEC’s Artist Diploma students in Boston's Old South Meeting House: the place that changed American history forever.
Dates through May.

Community Performances & Partnerships Program

The Community Performances and Partnerships Program of New England Conservatory was created in 2003 to link NEC with the Boston community, while also equiping undergraduate and graduate students with the necessary skills to be able to perform and work in community settings—skills that are integral to a career in music in the 21st century. The program provides students with the support and resources to explore what it means to be a musician in society and how to connect with a diverse range of audiences. 

Our community partners represent a broad spectrum of organizations, from schools and day-care centers to hospitals and homeless shelters, and our partnership performances take place in locations throughout Boston and the New England region.

Upcoming public performances

2017-04-07 Danny Koo, Jung-A Bang at Old South Meeting House
2017-04-14 Omer Quartet at Old South Meeting House

Past Performances

2016-11-11 CPP Horn Quartet at the Boston Children's Museum
2016-11-13 Music on Norway Pond: Three Blind Mice
2016-12-03 Holiday Jazz Quintet at Old South Meeting House
2016-12-09 Petite Feet at Boston Children's Museum
2016-12-15 Holiday Horn Quintet at Boston Public Library
2016-12-15 Petite Feet at Parker Hill
2016-12-20 Holiday Horn Quintet at Boston Public Market
2017-03-24 Eunghee Cho, Xu Guo at Old South Meeting House
2017-03-31 Erica Petrocelli at Old South Meeting House