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Our Musical Community

NEC is an environment of rich connection among our community of faculty, students, staff, and audiences.

Our students not only immerse themselves in their musical studies with an intense focus, but are also encouraged to expand their perspectives and cross boundaries. You will find the support and freedom to develop your individual musicianship and prepare for the path ahead.

The result: each student discovers their individual authentic voice.

01. Yo-Yo Ma engages with a student during a masterclass in Jordan Hall
02. NEC alum Sarah Jarosz performs during her senior recital
03. An onstage embrace during a performance
04. Spontaneous dancing erupts during a student-run concert
05. Buddies in the orchestra pit during an NEC opera rehearsal
Our Educational Approach

Our teachers have the freedom to tailor their instruction to you, understanding and addressing your individual needs. NEC faculty will challenge you frequently and support you tirelessly in a remarkably collaborative community.

Chamber music and small ensembles are integral to the student experience here. This kind of collaboration – the very essence of consensus-building and collective leadership – can be found across NEC: classical, jazz, contemporary improvisation, and new music.

Every person is vital to the music, and each has a responsibility to the whole.

The key is showing people what is possible, not how to sound.
Dominique EadeJazz Studies & Contemporary Improvisation Faculty