The Liberal Arts at NEC

Professional Skills, Cultural Awareness, Artistic Explorations

In order to encourage NEC students to develop to their maximum professional, intellectual, and creative potential, the Liberal Arts department offers rich and varied opportunities for students to develop essential college-level skills in critical thinking, writing, and analysis, as well as important professional and interpersonal skills involving public speaking, listening, and working in groups.

The Liberal Arts department’s broad range of course offerings in literature, history, philosophy, politics, cultural studies, social sciences, environmental studies, film, and foreign languages provide students with opportunities to study major academic disciplines as well as cultural, social, intellectual, and political contexts for music. Studios in sculpture and visual art and workshops in poetry, creative writing, and drama provide students with supportive and engaging creative environments in which they can apply the various skills in artistic expression that they have already developed through their musical studies.

The department houses The Writing Center @ NEC, where students, faculty, and staff may discuss and work on any writing task, whether course- or career-related, at any stage of the writing process.

News & Activities

Learn about upcoming events and ongoing projects within the department, including the Creative Arts Festival featuring poetry and drama performances; Courses in Collaboration and NEC's academic journal Hear Here! The department also hosts frequent prestigious guest lecturers and annual course fairs.

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More Liberal Arts:

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  • The Writing Center - Our one-on-one tutorial service designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students in all aspects of the writing process.
  • English as a Second Language - NEC offers non-native English speakers opportunities to improve their language skills to take full advantage of NEC instruction.
  • Hear Here! - Read our current and past Liberal Arts student journals!

Student Perspectives on Liberal Arts at NEC

Creative Arts Festival

Liberal Arts Creative Arts Festivals celebrate the impressive work NEC students do in our Drama, Poetry, and Creative Writing Workshops and in the Visual Arts and Sculpture Studios.

Listen to our students' poetry readings and musical settings on our Soundcloud page!

See photos from the Creative Arts Festival and other department events on our Flickr page!