Entrepreneurial Grants

Articulating a vision, creating a work plan, identifying target audiences, crafting a marketing strategy, and figuring out how to balance a budget are all important skills that musicians need to make their work live sustainably in the world. Our students have the advantage of getting a head start.

The Entrepreneurial Grant program empowers students to execute their unique programmatic ideas, by arming them with seed funding and a cadre of advisors to support them along the way. This program is not necessarily about funding “the next big thing,” it’s about enabling students to build skills and networks so that the next time they have a great idea (and there certainly will be a next time) they will also have the toolkit to realize it.

As you browse the project profiles below, you will find that our students are not only creating new opportunities for audiences to engage with and appreciate music, but new pathways for their own careers.

For more information and to start the application process, contact Andrew Worden at andrew.worden@necmusic.edu


Applicants must be enrolled full-time at NEC in order to be eligible for an EM grant.
Entrepreneurial Student Grants are competitive and applications are reviewed twice yearly. Each applicant must complete every step of the application process (see below) and submit the online form of the grant application by 11:59pm according to the following timeline for Fall 2016.

  • Info Session: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 // 6:30pm // JH 118
  • Draft: Monday, February 27, 2017 // 11:59pm // fill out form 
  • Final: Monday, March 6, 2017 // 11:59pm // fill out form
  • Presentations for finalists: Thursday, March 16 // 1-5pm // President's Library

Click on the links below for more information:

Fall 2016 Grant Projects

Rayna Yun Chou: Music, Distance, and One Minute of Just Us

Amanda Ekery: The Lomax Folk Project

Julian Loida & Sofia Kriger: Mojubá: Bringing Cuba to the Community

Morgan Middleton: Remember When

Lauren Parks: Musical Storybooks

Andrew Steinberg: The Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra

Spring 2016 Grant Projects

Eli Cohen: Die Jim Crow

Eddie Kass: Departure Duo

Katharine Martucci: Ladles Community Tour

Alix Raspe & Fanny Wyrick-Flax: kairos Commission

Kyle Saulnier: election year: a Work in progress

Umar Sakaria: The Mobilized Musician

Fall 2015 Grant Projects

Helen Huang: Voices of the East

Katherine Miller: The International Women's Music Alliance

Nathan Stoerzinger: Zinger Productions

Sonnet Swire: The Summers Case Opera and Residency

Tong Wang & Wesley Chu: Zenkora: A Brief History

Spring 2015 Grant Projects

Isabella Dawis: Capital I

MuChen Hsieh, Jennifer Hsieh, TingRu Lai, Seth Russell: Oceanus Quartet

Lautaro Mantilla: Scivias

Susanna McDonald & Stephanie Scogna: Boston Art Song Society

Deepti Navaratna: Dialogues with the Divine

Linda Numagami: Silence Speaks

Fall 2014 Grant Projects

Austin Burns: Building Bridges: A Concert for Change

Lina Gonzalez: Unitas Ensemble

Lihi Haruvi: Project YAFE

Krish Jaiman: Teach Your Muse! The Music Basti Experience

Spring 2014 Grant Projects

Mike Avitabile: Boston Young Composers Ensemble

Stephanie Boyd: Tuesday Night New Music: Reimagined

Zach Crowle: Divergent Drama

Lisa Fujita: Sweet Music

Mattia Maurée: Melisande Opera

Ariel Mitnick, Alan Toda-Ambaras, Rainer Crosett: Project LENS

Nir Naaman: Improve Your Groove

Carl Pillot: The Billy Hart Drumming Method

Fall 2013 Grant Projects

Evan Allen and Connor Baker: The Full Salon

Jennifer Fijal: The Stage on Harmony Farm

Dan Gabel: First Friday Swing

Spring 2013 Grant Projects

Mathilde Geismar: Académie Anglicorde

Maureen Heflinger, Gwen Buttemer, Chris Gamboa: Project Heckelmith

Mattia Maurée: Printing Service

Luis Ruelas: Taller Comp

Colin Thurmond: GTX: Extreme Guitar Technique

Emileigh Vandiver: Project Panama 2013

Fall 2012 Grant Projects

Katherine Balch: The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year

Brad Barrett: Development of ear-training application

Henrique Eisenmass: NEC Meets the World: ETHNIC Jam Sessions

Maria Rindenello-Parker & Soo Han: Soo & Maria

Jussi Reijonen: un Tour in Finland

Akenya Seymour: NEC: Underground

Spring 2012 Grant Projects

Robyn Bollinger: Project Paganini

Etienne Gara: VivaClassica Festival

Tyler Gilmore: A Rambling Stretch

Leah Hennessy: In Response

Neal Markowski: New Music and the WWII Relocation Camps

Lauren Nelson: Residency in Jacmel, Haiti

Rachel Panitch: Rhode Island Fiddle Project Summer Camp

Devin Roth: Challenge Music

Michael Sachs: Foreground Music Collective

Fall 2011 Grant Projects

Athena Adamopoulos and Colin Thurmond: toUch Performance Art

Jason Belcher: The Music of Burr Van Nostrand

Jennifer Kessler, Aisha Bowden, and Charles Burchell: Inside Out Group Action Project

Joseph Kromholz and Debbie Pae: Music for Food 2011–2012

Katy Lafleur: Gradient Us Ensemble

Laura Soto-Bayomi: NEC Production of Into the Woods

Vanessa Wheeler: Nonce Ensemble

Summer 2011 Grant Projects

Beth McDonald: August Noise JP

Nell Shaw Cohen: Beyond the Notes

Eden MacAdam-Somer: Notorious Folk in Israel

Helen Sherrah-Davies: Residency in Ramallah

Leah Hennessy: Sight & Sound Festival

Spring 2011 Grant Projects

Michael Dahlberg: Parlor Night

John Elliot: Prism concert

Elisabeth Erenberg: Sounding the Stories

Lauren Hunt: Corno Colombia

Andres Lopera, Cecilia Huerta: Boston Latin-American Orchestra

Peter Negroponte: Improvisers Anonymous series

Albert Oppenheimer: Chiron Competition

Vanessa Wheeler: NEC Composers Lab Ensemble

Fall 2010 Grant Projects

Jason Belcher: Inter-NEC

Celia Hatton, Kayleigh Miller: Music for Food for Music

Ryan Maguire: City to Summit

Joan Arnau Pamies: NEC Young Composers Forum

Wayne Shen: Project Violin

Colin Thurmond: Sound Innovation Festival

Summer 2010 Grant Projects

Samantha Angstman: Burlington Ensemble

Jennifer Berg: Oboe Reed Crafting Masterclasses

Nell Shaw Cohen: Georgia O’Keeffe Video

Daniel Hawkins: The Secret History

Melanie Leinbach: Evening of SongBenefit Concert

Amir Milstein: Sounds and Signs

Peter Negroponte: Burlington Other Music Festival