(For information about scholarships awarded by NEC, please refer to our Grants & Scholarships page.)

The NEC Financial Aid Office is committed to helping students seek resources beyond the scope of federal and institutional financial aid programs. With this in mind, we have developed these outside/private scholarship pages, which list several organizations that offer funding resources to students.

Our scholarship listings are not exhaustive. We encourage all students to pursue scholarship opportunities in their local communities, as well as on a national level. Once you have selected the scholarship(s) in which you are interested, review the application instructions and eligibility requirements carefully. You may request information from any of the organizations listed or browse their websites for additional information

Always use caution when applying for private scholarship opportunities. Outside scholarships are sponsored, administered, and awarded by a variety of private agencies, organizations, and individual donors not affiliated with the Conservatory. Inclusion on this list does not constitute endorsement. This information is provided for informational purposes only. The NEC Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee the accuracy or the timeliness of information found at any of the outside scholarship sites above; therefore, it is critical that students verify information before applying.