Are you looking for a springboard for your group to become a permanent, professional ensemble? Are you ready for a showcase performance in NEC's Jordan Hall—one of the world's top concert halls?

The bonds you form with your colleagues in an NEC Honors Ensemble may lead to staying together for the remainder of your studies at NEC—or you may find or confirm a life-long vocation through this program.

Groups that exhibit both extraordinary accomplishment and a commitment to work together are encouraged to audition midway through fall semester for NEC's Honors Ensemble program. An outside panel of jurors reviews classical chamber music groups. NEC faculty select jazz and "wild card" groups. The groups selected through this process become NEC Honors Ensembles for the remainder of the school year, during which time they receive special mentoring and the guarantee of a Jordan Hall recital.

The Sail Away Ladies, who fiddle, dance, and sing their way through the video clip on this page, started out as a 2009–2010 NEC Honors Ensemble enrolled in the Contemporary Improvisation program. Watch them perform Joanna Newsom’s “The Book of Right On,” topped off by the traditional tunes “Starry Crown” and “Johnny Court the Widow.” This performance was captured at their April 2010 Jordan Hall concert.

Sail Away Ladies Medley from New England Conservatory on Vimeo.