Are you looking for a springboard for your group to become a permanent, professional ensemble? Are you ready for a showcase performance in NEC's Jordan Hall—one of the world's top concert halls?

The bonds you form with your colleagues in an NEC Honors Ensemble may lead to staying together for the remainder of your studies at NEC—or you may find or confirm a life-long vocation through this program. (Find past Honors Ensembles here.)

Groups that exhibit both extraordinary accomplishment and a commitment to work together are encouraged to audition midway through fall semester for NEC's Honors Ensemble program. An outside panel of jurors reviews classical chamber music groups. NEC faculty select jazz and "wild card" groups. The groups selected through this process become NEC Honors Ensembles for the remainder of the school year, during which time they receive special mentoring and the guarantee of a Jordan Hall recital.

2016–2017 Honors Ensembles

Judges this year for the classical ensembles were Geralyn Coticone, Terry Everson, Ya-Fei Chuang, Bayla Keyes, and Laura Blustein; for jazz, Ken Schaphorst and Brian Levy; and for the Wild Card ensemble, Hankus Netsky, Eden MacAdam-Somer, Ken Schaphorst, and Anthony Coleman.

Amici Wind QuintetAmici Wind Quintet

Richard Ranti, faculty coach

Jisun Oh, flute
Elizabeth O'Neil, oboe
Matthew Griffith, clarinet
Kai Rocke, bassoon
Andrew Bass, horn

2017-05-04 Jordan Hall concert

Blue BambooBlue Bamboo

Thomas Novak, faculty coach

Nicole Caligiuri, oboe
Stefan Van Sant, clarinet
Andrea Baker, bassoon

2017-05-15 Jordan Hall concert

Caspian Piano QuartetCaspian Piano Quartet

Meng-Chieh Liu, faculty coach

Kyle Orth, piano
Ji-Won Song, violin
Jiali Li, viola
Zi Wang, cello

2017-05-09 Jordan Hall concert

Child ClownChild Clown

(Jazz Honors Ensemble)

Ted Reichman, faculty coach

Max Light, guitar
Simón Willson, bass guitar
Eladio Rojas, drums

2017-03-27 Jordan Hall concert

Chroma QuartetChroma Quartet

Paul Biss, faculty coach

So-Young Choi, Luther Warren, violin
Damon Taheri, viola
Jamie Clark, cello

2017-04-23 The Center for Arts in Natick
2017-05-08 Jordan Hall concert

Night TreeNight Tree

(Wild Card Honors Ensemble)

Winifred Horan, faculty coach

Lily Honigberg, Chris Overholser, fiddle
McKinley James, cello
Zach Mayer, baritone saxophone
Sunniva Brynnel, accordion
Julian Loida, percussion

2016-12-08 MFA Sound Bites
2017-03-27 Jordan Hall concert

Ravos QuartetRavos Quartet

Yeesun Kim, faculty coach

Gergana Haralampieva, Geneva Lewis, violin
Zhanbo Zheng, viola
Audrey Chen, cello

2017-04-23 Jordan Hall concert