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Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition

Since 1973, the Fischoff National Chamber Music Association has held an annual competition in South Bend, Indiana, open to string or wind ensembles of three to six performers, with a Junior Division for ensemble members up to age 18, and Senior Division for ensemble members up to age 35.

In addition to cash prizes, gold medalists in the Junior Division also receive an opportunity to perform on "From the Top."

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Fischoff Competition winners with NEC affiliations

Ivani String Quartet
Sophia Szokolay '19, violin
Abigail Hong '19, violin
Aria Cheregosha '18, viola
Annette Jakovcic '20, cello
bronze medal, senior strings

Ulysses Quartet
Rhiannon Banerdt '06 Prep, '10 B.M., '12 M.M., second violin
grand prize; gold medal, senior strings

Trio Adonais
Sammy Andonian, violin
Mari Nagahara, cello
John Gibson, piano
silver medal, junior strings

Trio Concorde
Zenas Hsu '13 M.M., violin
Yina Tong '12 M.M., '13 G.D., cello
Livan (Yifan "Ivan" Lin) '13 M.M., piano
bronze medal, senior strings

Trio mod3tre
Tessa Lark
'10, '12 G.D., violin
Deborah Pae '12 M.M., cello
Misha Namirovsky, piano (D.M.A. student)
silver medal, senior strings

Tropical Trio
Ingrid Yen
, violin
Madeleine Tucker, cello
Jinsoo David Lim, piano
bronze medal, junior strings

Foråret Quartet
Ryan Shannon
, violin
Erin Kim, violin
Tanny Kang, viola
Joinatsuru Yanai, cello
bronze medal, junior strings

New Trio
Julio Elizalde
, piano
Andrew Wan, violin
grand prize, senior strings

Ariel String Quartet
Gershon Gerchikov
, violin
Alexandra Kazovsky, violin
Sergey Tarashchansky, viola
Amit Even-Tov, cello
grand prize, senior strings

Jupiter String Quartet
Nelson Lee
, violin
Meg Freivogel, violin
Liz Freivogel, viola
Daniel McDonough, cello
grand prize, senior strings

Biava Quartet
Austin Hartman
, violin
Hyunsu Ko, violin
Mary Persin, viola
Jacob Braun, cello
grand prize, senior strings

NEC Honors String Quartet
John Holland
, violin
I-Ching Li, violin
Chih-Yuen Chen, viola
Julie Jung, cello
silver medal, senior strings

Avalon String Quartet
Rebecca Thornblade
, cello
grand prize, senior strings

Amaryllis String Quartet
Ayano Ninomiya, violin
Marianna Green-Hill, violin
Melissa Reardon, viola
Wendy Law, cello
grand prize, junior strings

Griffon String Quartet
Lisa Suslowicz
, viola
grand prize, senior strings