Hugh Wolff"I am always amazed by the passion, commitment, and virtuosity of NEC's students. This year, we'll give you music by Esa-Pekka Salonen, Mahler, Wagner, Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, and Sibelius—great music by the stars of the future in beautiful Jordan Hall—all for free! Who could resist?"
Hugh Wolff

David Loebel"For years, I've wanted to conduct a concert that juxtaposes Stravinsky's and Bizet's very different Symphonies in C … perhaps starting off with a symphony in C by Mozart. On October 8, I'll get the chance to do my fantasy program for real."
David Loebel


Upcoming performances

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2015-07-24 NEC Festival Youth Orchestra + Bolter

Past performances

2014-09-12 A Far Cry
2014-10-01 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
2014-10-08 NEC Philharmonia + Loebel
2014-10-15 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2014-10-24 NEC Symphony + Loebel
2014-10-29 Menotti: The Consul
2014-11-05 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff 
2014-11-10 NEC Youth Symphony + Karidoyanes
2014-11-12 NEC Symphony + Biss
2014-11-18 NEC Chamber Orchestra at Tufts
2014-11-19 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2014-11-20 NEC Youth Philharmonic Orchestra + Loebel
2014-11-21 A Far Cry
2014-12-02 Brahms: Requiem
2014-12-07 NEC Preparatory School String Chamber Orchestra + Youth Repertory Orchesta
2014-12-11 NEC Lab Orchestra
2015-01-09 A Far Cry
2015-02-04 NEC Symphony + Loebel, Lee
2015-02-11 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
2015-02-19 NEC Youth Philharmonic + Wolff
2015-02-25 NEC Chamber Orchestra 
2015-03-04 NEC Symphony + Loebel 
2015-03-11 NEC Philharmonia + Weilerstein
2015-04-01 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
2015-04-08 NEC Symphony + Wolff + Aspinall
2015-04-15 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2015-04-29 Mahler: Ninth Symphony
2015-04-30 Mahler: Fourth Symphony
2015-05-16 Commencement Concert
2015-05-21 NEC Youth Symphony + Karidoyanes
2015-05-29 NEC Youth Philharmonic + Loebel
2015-05-30 NEC Prep Spring Festival

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