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The next generation of orchestra players pairs fresh works by today's composers with more familiar fare from times past.

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Hear Hugh Wolff on 99.5 WCRB with reflections on five "symphonic masterpieces."

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Past performances

2015-09-30 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
2015-10-07 Concert opera performance with orchestra
2015-10-14 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2015-10-16 Orchestral arrangements of Sinatra songs
2015-10-21 NEC Symphony + Loebel
2015-10-28 NEC Philharmonia + Asbury 
2015-11-04 NEC Philharmonia + Loebel
2015-11-05 NEC Youth Symphony + Karidoyanes
2015-11-11 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2015-11-14 NEC Youth Philharmonic Orchestra + Loebel
2015-11-18 NEC Symphony + Biss
2015-12-02 NEC Philharmonia + Loebel
2015-12-09 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
2015-12-10 NEC Lab Orchestra + Joyce, Paponiu, Yi
2015-12-12 Prep Winter Festival
2016-02-03 NEC Symphony + Loebel
2016-02-10 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
2016-02-24 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2016-03-02 NEC Symphony + Loebel
2016-03-06 NEC Philharmonia + Kapilow "What Makes It Great"
2016-03-09 NEC Philharmonia + Kahane
2016-03-16 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff
2016-04-06 NEC Symphony + Wolff
2016-04-11 NEC Chamber Orchestra at Tufts
2016-04-13 NEC Chamber Orchestra
2016-04-27 NEC Philharmonia + Wolff at Symphony Hall
2016-05-02 NEC Lab Orchestra


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