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Hilton Head International Piano Competition

The Hilton Head International Piano Competition, one of the leading international piano competitions in the United States, holds a competition each year: an adult competition for pianists 18–30 years of age in the even numbered years, and a young artist competition for pianists 13–17 years of age in the odd-numbered years. The competition draws its applicants and audience from countries the world over. More about this competition

Hilton Head prizewinners with NEC affiliations

Andrew Li '18 Prep, Second Prize

Shen Lu '11 M.M., '13 G.D., First Prize

Jin Uk Kim '08 M.M., '10 G.D., '15 D.M.A., First Prize

Lukáš Vondráček '12 A.D., First Prize

Yelena Beriyeva '07 M.M., '09 G.D., Second Prize
Young-Ah Tak '03 M.M., '05 G.D., medalist

Charlie Albright '12 Harvard/NEC, Third Prize