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Resources for Music History Students

Time to study for that exam? Time to write a term paper? Here are some tips to start.

M.M. Music History Competency Examination

If you are entering NEC's Master of Music degree program, this is the first exam you will take here. Here's how to prepare.

Describing Music

Using words to describe music is not simple, but nothing is more useful in the struggle to understand what we do as musicians. Read more.

Overview of the Procedure for a Research Assignment

You're listening to a piece of music and an idea strikes you. You have a question and need to find an answer. Or your professor has assigned a paper. Here's how to start. Read more.

Using the NEC Libraries

From basic textbooks to more detailed resources, here are some tips for getting started in the library. Read more.

What Are Primary and Secondary Sources?

In assembling library materials for projects, make sure you can distinguish primary and secondary sources. Read more.

Assessing Secondary Sources.

How reliable is the material you're using? Read more.

Organizing Ideas

Have you ever felt so prepared to write a paper that you're over-prepared? Read more.

Formulating a Thesis

It's time to insert your own voice into the ongoing conversation about the music that interests you most. Read more.

Citations: What They Are and Why We Use Them

Citations give credit to the people whose work you are using. They also make your own train of thought clear and transparent. Read more.

Get Help with Your Writing

The faculty members in Music History and Musicology welcome the opportunity to work with students on their writing, and we also work closely with NEC's Writing and Learning Center. Read more.