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A collaborative partnership.
The relationships you develop here will be the building blocks of your career.

Collaborative Piano

The NEC Collaborative Piano Department offers a unique program of intensive study to advanced pianists with leading specialists in the fields of song, chamber music, and opera. Through daily study in performance classes, private lessons, and coachings, students gain greater familiarity with the standard vocal and instrumental repertoire and develop the skills needed to be professional collaborative artists. Students will also benefit from the instruction of world-renowned artist-teachers from NEC’s departments of strings, woodwinds, and voice through collaboration projects and work assistantships.


Beyond the Studio

What’s in your professional toolkit?

At NEC, you’ll strengthen your music with skills outside of music. In Community Performances & Partnerships, you’ll pitch programming and perform for diverse audiences. In Entrepreneurial Musicianship you’ll make new ventures happen, start to finish.

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