Upcoming performances

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2014-04-21 In the Mix
2014-04-22 In the Mix
2014-04-23 The Dido Experience
2014-04-28 In the Mix
2014-04-28 György Kurtág: Sings, Games, and Messages
2014-04-29 NEC Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra + Carlberg
2014-04-30 In the Mix
2014-05-11 Sun Ra: Space Is Still the Most Colorful Place at MFA, Boston
2014-05-17 Commencement Concert
2014-05-20 NEC Youth Jazz Orchestra + Schaphorst
2014-05-30 Vanessa Morris

Past performances

2013-08-28 Jazz Jam Session
2013-09-03 Back-to-School Contemporary Improvisation Concert
2013-09-07 Fiddle Workshop, World Barn Dance
2013-09-12 Eden MacAdam-Somer: Walking between the Worlds
2013-09-25 Noah Preminger masterclass
2013-10-01 Jason Moran masterclass
2013-10-01 Kneebody masterclass
2013-10-17 Music of Vaughn Monroe + Billy Eckstine
2013-10-27 Frank Carlberg: Word Circus premiere
2013-10-28 Frank Carlberg Quintet masterclass
2013-10-29 Fred Hersch masterclass
2013-10-30 Music of Fred Hersch
2013-11-05 Preminger: Laura
2013-11-06 Wadada Leo Smith on Ten Freedom Summers
2013-11-07 Ten Freedom Summers
2013-11-11 In the Mix
2013-11-12 In the Mix
2013-11-13 In the Mix
2013-11-14 In the Mix
2013-11-18 In the Mix
2013-11-19 Dave Holland ensembles masterclass
2013-11-19 In the Mix
2013-11-20 Fred Hersch masterclass
2013-11-20 In the Mix
2013-11-21 Dave Holland on his Prism group
2013-11-21 David Eure
2013-11-21 Music of Dave Holland
2013-11-22 Jaap Blonk masterclass
2013-11-24 Henrique Eisenmann
2013-11-25 NEC Jazz Composers Ensemble
2013-11-26 In the Mix
2013-12-02 Luciana Souza: Introduction to Brazilian Music
2013-12-02 In the Mix
2013-12-03 Luciana Souza: Expanding the Singer's Vocabulary
2013-12-03 Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra + Carlberg
2013-12-04 Music of Luciana Souza
2013-12-09 In the Mix
2013-12-10 In the Mix
2013-12-11 In the Mix
2013-12-11 NEC Youth Jazz Orchestra + Schaphorst
2013-12-12 Music of Ken Schaphorst
2014-01-11 Continuing Education Jazz Department recital
2014-01-16 Triangle
2014-01-18 Continuing Education Jazz Department recital
2014-01-27 Jazz Faculty Spotlight Concert
2014-02-02 Kalmanovitch-Maneri-Herbert-Warren Quartet
2014-02-09 Bob Nieske 4
2014-02-11 School of Continuing Education Jazz Department recital
2014-02-13 Third Stream Headwaters CANCELED
2014-02-18 A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
2014-02-19 The Unconservatory
2014-02-24 Nir Naaman
2014-02-25 Sarah Vaughn/Count Basie Songs
2014-02-27 Jazz and the Struggle for Freedom and Equality
2014-03-03 Stephen Foster songs
2014-03-06 Crossing Over
2014-03-10 Dave Holland: Developing a Personal Musical Language
2014-03-11 Dave Holland: small combo masterclass
2014-03-13 Sound Bites: Beethoven's Legacy among Improvisers at the MFA
2014-03-13 Music of Dave Holland
2014-03-27 Merima Ključo: The Innovative Accordion
2014-03-27 In the Mix
2014-03-31 In the Mix
2014-04-01 Great on Paper + Choro Bastardo
2014-04-02 In the Mix
2014-04-03 Jazz: The Next Generation
2014-04-07 In the Mix
2014-04-08 In the Mix
2014-04-09 In the Mix
2014-04-10 NEC Jazz Composers Ensemble + Gospel Ensemble
2014-04-15 Zorn: Cobra
2014-04-15 In the Mix
2014-04-16 In the Mix
2014-04-16 Jeremy Barnett
2014-04-17 Sun Ra Centennial

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NEC jazz musicians have received many awards and honors, including Grammy Awards, MacArthur Fellowships, the Rome Prize, and being named NEA Jazz Masters.

Jazz conversation with NEC faculty Ken Schaphorst, David Zoffer, Hankus Netsky.