Jazz Lab 2017Upcoming performances

2017-06-25 Jazz Lab: Faculty Showcase
2017-06-27 Jazz Lab: Alex Brown
2017-06-28 Jazz Lab: Jason Palmer
2017-06-29 Jazz Lab: Faculty Showcase
2017-06-30 Jazz Lab: Final Student Concert

Past performances

2016-09-15 Music of Dave Holland
2016-09-23 Ethan Iverson + Billy Hart masterclass
2016-10-07 Darcy James Argue masterclass
2016-10-20 Los Gauchos: The Music of Guillermo Klein
2016-10-21 Liz Tobias
2016-11-15 Jazz Composer's Ensemble
2016-11-16 In the Mix: Brazilian Ensemble
2016-11-17 In the Mix: Morris, Reichman Ensembles
2016-11-28 In the Mix: Carlberg, McBee + Lockwood Ensembles
2016-11-29 In the Mix: Eade Ensembles
2016-11-30 John Kordalewski Discussion and Workshop
2016-12-01 In the Mix: Moran and Early Jazz Ensembles
2016-12-02 Elinor Spiers
2016-12-05 In the Mix: McNeil + Carlberg Ensembles
2016-12-07 In the Mix: Bergonzi Ensembles
2016-12-08 Music of Schaphorst + McCaslin
2016-12-09 Petite Feet
2016-12-13 Jazz Composer's Workshop Orchestra
2016-12-14 In the Mix: Nieske + Non-majors ensembles
2016-12-15 Jason Moran masterclass
2016-12-15 Petite Feet at Parker Hill branch of BPL
2016-12-15 In the Mix: Moses, Leake + Levy ensembles
2016-12-16 NEC Youth Jazz Orchestra + Nieske
Peter Evans masterclass
2017-01-30 Jazz and CI Faculty Spotlight
2017-02-16 Lake Street Dive + NEC Jazz Orchestra
2017-02-27 Colloquium on A Love Supreme
2017-03-02 Jason Moran masterclass
2017-03-02 Music of Tadd Dameron
2017-03-03 Moran Residency Concert: Music of Jaki Byard
2017-03-09 Bob Nieske
2017-03-14 Dave Holland small combo masterclass
2017-03-16 Dave Holland Residency Concert
2017-03-27 Honors jazz Ensemble + Wild Card
2017-04-06 Jazz Composers' and Gospel Ensembles
2017-04-20 NEC Jazz Orchestra + Dave Holland
2017-04-25 Jazz Composers Workshop Orchestra
2017-04-30 International Jazz Day

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NEC jazz musicians have received many awards and honors, including Grammy Awards, MacArthur Fellowships, the Rome Prize, and being named NEA Jazz Masters.

Jazz conversation with NEC faculty Ken Schaphorst, David Zoffer, Hankus Netsky.