Eden MacAdam-Somer"I want you to have the chance to get up and dance, and experience new concepts, and listen to great music from Mahler to Ellington to Shankar, rock, folk, new, old … sometimes, all in one night!"
Eden MacAdam-Somer


Upcoming performances

2015-04-20 In the Mix: Jazz Non-Majors + Moran Ensembles
2015-04-21 In the Mix: Survivors Breakfast + Leake Ensemble
2015-04-28 NEC Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra
2015-04-30 International Jazz Day
2015-05-16 Commencement Concert
2015-05-19 NEC Youth Jazz Orchestra + Ken Schaphorst
2015-06-21 Jazz Lab: Welcome Concert with Faculty
2015-06-22 Jazz Lab: Miguel Zenón Trio
2015-06-23 Jazz Lab: Ken Schaphorst Big Band
2015-06-24 Jazz Lab: Tango ensemble
2015-06-25 Jazz Lab: Music of David Zoffer
2015-06-26 Jazz Lab: Final Concert

Past performances

2014-09-06 World Barn Dance
2014-09-08 Songwriting Workshop with Lake Street Dive 
2014-09-09 Old Time Fiddle Workshop with Bruce Molsky
2014-09-16 Brooke Sofferman 
2014-09-18 Evan Parker workshop 
2014-09-19 Jason Palmer masterclass
2014-09-24 Claudia Quintet masterclass 
2014-09-30 Vijay Iyer + Jason Moran masterclass 
2014-10-07 Fred Hersch masterclass
2014-10-09 Music of Dave Holland
2014-10-16 Music of George Russell
2014-10-24 George Russell Tribute Concert
2014-11-04 Fred Hersch masterclass
2014-11-04 John Zorn residency
2014-11-06 David Eure
2014-11-10 In the Mix
2014-11-11 In the Mix
2014-11-12 In the Mix 
2014-11-18 In the Mix
2014-11-19 In the Mix
2014-11-20 In the Mix
2014-11-24 NEC Jazz Composers Ensemble/Gospel Ensemble
2014-12-01 In the Mix
2014-12-02 NEC Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra
2014-12-03 In the Mix
2014-12-04 Music of Bob Nieske & Jimmy Giuffre
2014-12-07 The Music of John Zorn at The Stone
2014-12-08 In the Mix
2014-12-09 In the Mix
2014-12-10 In the Mix
2014-12-11 In the Mix
2014-12-12 NEC Youth Jazz Orchestra + Jeffrey P. Leonard
2015-02-17 Hildegard: Order of the Virtues
2015-02-25 John Medeski solo masterclass
2015-02-26 Ellington, Medeski, Moses, Schaphorst
2015-03-03 Dave Holland small combos masterclass
2015-03-05 Dave Holland and Jason Moran masterclass
2015-03-05 Music of Dave Holland
2015-03-09 Nir Naaman
2015-03-24 In the Mix
2015-03-24 Jazz + Contemporary Improvisation Faculty Spotlight
2015-03-25 In the Mix
2015-03-26 In the Mix
2015-03-30 In the Mix
2015-03-31 Alfaia Quartet, Beau D'Ver
2015-04-01 In the Mix
2015-04-06 In the Mix
2015-04-07 In the Mix
2015-04-08 In the Mix
2015-04-09 NEC Jazz Composers' Ensemble
2015-04-13 Gaslighting
2015-04-14 In the Mix
2015-04-15 In the Mix
2015-04-16 Music of Gil Evans & Duke Ellington

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NEC jazz musicians have received many awards and honors, including Grammy Awards, MacArthur Fellowships, the Rome Prize, and being named NEA Jazz Masters.

Jazz conversation with NEC faculty Ken Schaphorst, David Zoffer, Hankus Netsky.