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Street Pianos come to Boston, NEC campus

Starting September 27, 75 pianos deposited on Boston street corners will invite players: first come, first served.

The Boston Street Piano Festival, "Play Me, I'm Yours!" hosted by Celebrity Series of Boston, brings 75 painted pianos to locations throughout Boston between September 27 and October 14, encouraging the Boston community to bring music to the streets: first come, first served. More about this.

NEC Street Piano 2013This project, conceived by artist Luke Jerram, has installed more than a thousand pianos in 37 cities across the globe since 2008.

NEC is hosting a piano on the corner of Huntington and Gainsborough, allowing talented members of our community to share their music, alongside our neighbors as they enjoy their own creative experiences.

NEC will designate days when specific NEC students will perform on the pianos.

Sunday, September 29

As part of the citywide "Music and Wellness Day," NEC students will perform starting at 3pm. More on this.

Sunday, October 6

This will be the city-wide “Music and Education Day,” and we will feature members of the NEC Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education on the piano.

Thursday, October 10

This day will be set aside for interested performers from the NEC College student body, faculty, and staff.

What should you expect to hear during this installation? It's an open-ended project, so at a given time you might witness a few minutes of practicing, a long jam session, a dance party, or a lesson for a stranger who's too shy to try it on their own. Any and all of this is very much welcomed!