Students who wish to combine degree studies in music and liberal arts may apply to the NEC/Tufts University five-year double degree program, which awards the Bachelor of Music degree from NEC and the Bachelor of Arts (or Science) degree from Tufts University. Tufts offers double-degree students the opportunity to major in any area except music and engineering.

Such students must earn a minimum of 82 credits at NEC and 24 credits (including foundation, distribution, and concentration requirements) at Tufts. In designing their program schedules, students consult with academic advisors at both institutions. They must complete all requirements at both institutions to qualify for either degree, and the degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

Students transferring from other institutions are not accepted into this program. Students wishing to end participation in the program may complete studies at either institution.

To learn more about the NEC/Tufts double degree program, please use the links to the left for General Information, Academic Information and Degree Requirements.

Student Testimonial

"The NEC/Tufts Double Degree Program is a unique opportunity to be part of two amazingly dynamic, creative, supportive and inspiring communities. For me, the program has offered the ideal combination of a rigorous liberal arts education at Tufts and top-notch professional music training at NEC. This is an ultra-interdisciplinary experience--and an extremely rewarding one!

Currently a fifth-year student in the program, I’ve been stretched and challenged in so many different ways. As a jazz piano performance major at NEC, I’ve gotten to study with some of my musical heroes--world-class musicians like Danilo Perez, Fred Hersch, and Jerry Bergonzi--while playing in formal and informal settings with many of my peers, whose musicianship and creativity consistently inspire me. As an international relations major at Tufts, I've had the opportunity to pursue a field that excites and inspires me intellectually, through an interdisciplinary course of study that includes coursework in political science, economics, sociology, philosophy, history, and spanish. My professors at Tufts have shown a commitment to teaching and engaging with students even as they remain active research scholars, in touch with and contributing to the latest work being done in their respective areas of expertise. Similarly, the teaching artists of NEC--especially my studio teachers--bring the same kind of passion and intensity to their teaching as they do their performing and composing. Developing meaningful relationships with my teachers at both schools--as well as with my peers--has definitely been one of the highlights of the double degree program. I’ve also gotten to know some wonderful thinkers and people at both schools, among both the students and the faculty.

A note about transportation: Tufts and NEC are a few miles apart.  Fortunately, there is a campus-to-campus shuttle service! Running roughly eight times a day Monday through Friday, this free service makes commuting between the schools much easier. Furthermore, like many of my peers, I've been able to block my schedule such that certain days would be only NEC, and other days only Tufts. For example, in a given semester I might have all my NEC classes on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays, and all Tufts classes on Tuesdays/Thursdays (or vice versa). While blocking one's schedule out so efficiently isn't always possible, I've always managed to make the program work logistically.

In short, the double degree program offers an amazing opportunity to be intensely engaged both intellectually and musically. The range of experiences, challenges, and ideas to which I've been exposed would not have been possible at one or the other school alone. At Tufts, I've been able to study abroad in Argentina for a semester, publish a seminar paper on climate change and violent conflict in a nationally distributed academic journal, and regularly hear scholars and public figures from on and off-campus speak on a wide array of issues and debates. At NEC, I've participated in many different ensembles, studied closely with some of my all-time favorite musicians, and begun to discover my own voice as a creative artist. Needless to say, this program is very challenging and at times complicated to navigate. But despite certain hurdles, I’ve been able to make this program work for me. If you’re passionate about pursuing you musical and academic studies at a high level, you could too!"

Jason Yeager
    NEC/Tufts Double Degree Program, Class of 2010
    Performance & International Relations