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The New England Conservatory Preparatory School's annual contemporary festival, "Today's Youth Perform Today's Music," was founded in 1991 to give students and faculty the opportunity to study the performance skills needed for contemporary music. Featured composers work closely with students in workshops, seminars, and coachings.

In the recent past, there has been a surge of interest among Preparatory School students to study composition and perform their own music and that of their friends. This has become an integral part of the festival.

Judith Weir"Her music breathes coolly, calmly and intelligently with a clarity of tonal language that positively invites you in."
—The Independent

This year's resident composer is Judith Weir, whose visit comes on the heels of a year of close listening to a fellow British composer to whom Weir is often compared: Benjamin Britten. Like Britten, Weir's approach to tonality eschews academic orthodoxies, while referencing folkloric and ethnographic inspirations. Also like Britten, she has written extensively for the human voice. Her most recent opera, Miss Fortune, premiered at the 2011 Bregenz Festival and moved on to the Royal Opera House Covent Garden.

Boston audiences' exposure to Weir's music include works commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra: Music Untangled and Natural History. The 2013 Aldeburgh Festival premiered her new work for vocal soloist and string orchestra, I give you the end of a golden string, on a program where it kept company with music by Britten, Tippett, and Bartók. Read the Guardian review. Weir received Lincoln Center's Stoeger Prize for chamber music composition in 1997, and Britain's Queen's Medal for Music in 2007.

Today's day-long series of performances will include works written by NEC Preparatory School students as well as works by Judith Weir and other contemporary composers.

10am set

Morley Calvert Suite from the Monteregian Hills
Gold Honors Quintet:
Samuel Izzo, Katie Raney, trumpet
Shawn Wang, horn
Matthew Ethier, trombone
Peter Fickenwirth, tuba

Judith Weir from The Voice of Desire
Written on Terestrial Things (text by Thomas Hardy)
Sweet Little Red Feet (text by John Keats)
John Cage The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs (text by James Joyce)
Forrest Eimold, baritone
Daniel Kim, piano

Dianne Rahbee Two Tangos
Corinne Auger, violin
Ryan O'Leary, cello
Varun Nambikrishnan, piano

Daniel Kim Of Human Sufferings:
On the Road Home (text by Wallace Stevens)
Dulce et decorum est (text by Wilfrid Owen)
Forrest Eimold, baritone
Sofia Tong, Euna Lee, violin
Miranda Waltz Peters, viola
Zlatomir Fung, cello
Daniel Kim, piano

Rodney Lister Two Duos
Katherine Feng, Christina Lai, violin

Hiromi Uehara Islands Azores
Valerie Zhao, piano

Judith Weir Michael’s Strathspey
Morton Feldman Intermission 5
Larry Bell from Revivals: Jesus Calls Us
Forrest Eimold, piano

Judith Weir The King of France
Daniel Kim, piano

Benjamin Britten Sonata in C
Sam Chestna The Wind in a Thousand Sails
Iris Chong, Tessa Patapoutian, flute

Jay Rauch first movement of String Quartet in D Minor "For Shaira"
Judith Weir
String Quartet
Sofia Tong, Euna Lee, violin
Miranda Waltz Peters, viola
Zlatomir Fung, cello

1pm set

Judith Weir first movement of Piano Trio Two
Ben Adams Piano Trio
Dominic Bosco, violin
Ben Adams, cello
Phillip Lo, piano

Judith Weir Unlocked
Ben Adams, Zlatomir Fung, cello

Judith Weir Wake Your Wild Voice
Jay Rauch, bassoon
Ben Adams, cello

Alan Hlozek Two Duos
Alan Hlozek, Ben Adams, cello

Ben Adams The Pit
The Give-Away Cardioid
Concentrated Meditation
Zlatomir Fung, Ben Adams, Alan Hlozek, cello
Fernando Lopez, piano

Fernando Lopez The Octatonic Cello Piece
Ben Adams, Alan Hlozek, cello
Phillip Lo, piano

Forrest Eimold in deserto
Forrest Eimold, piano

Judith Weir Sleep Sound ida Mornin’
Atlantic Drift
Julia Carabotsos, Euna Lee, violin

Judith Weir St Agnes
Chris Rogers-Beadle, viola
Yuri Ahn, cello

Judith Weir first movement of I Broke off a Golden Branch
Caroline Joyner, violin
Chris Rogers-Beadle, viola
Yuri Ahn, cello
Ormay Chen, bass
Peter Ho, piano

2:30pm set

Richard Cornell Violin Canon
Judith Weir Arise! Arise! You Slumbering Sleepers
El Rey de Francia
Sarah Tobin, violin
Olga Kaminsky, violin and viola
Zlatomir Fung, cello
Sofia Lopez, piano

Brent Bowers Ideal 5
Ideal 9 from Outer Space
Brent Bowers, piano

Geoff Poole Look behind You
Sonja Poe, violin
David Grenader, cello
Ariane Bowers, piano

Harrison Birtwistle Sad Song
Julia Crosson, piano

Julia Crosson A Happy Little Song
A Sad Little Song
Julia Crosson, Lana Crosson, violin

Cassidy Teng Safe Dreams
Cassidy Teng, piano

Hannah Ryu Once upon a Promise
Hannah Ryu, piano

Max Chung Blaze
Max Chung, piano

Niklas Kneische Fantasy
Niklas Kneische, piano

Lyle Davidson Follow the Leader
Setarah Parvaresh, Mary Rzepczynski, Sarah Calame, violin
Alan Hlozek, cello

Ben Richman Suite
Setareh Parvaresh, Mary Rzepczynski, Sarah Calame, violin
Alan Hlozek, cello
Ben Richman, piano

Judith Weir Sketches From a Bagpiper’s Album
Grace-Mary Burega, clarinet
Phong Nghi Pham, piano

4pm set

Karen Chang Meteor
Jamie Xu, piano

Sam Talmadge Rondo for Violin and Cello
Nobby Suganuma, violin
Drake Driscoll, cello

Jonathan Weiss For Every End a Beginning
Jonathan Weiss, piano

Lowell Lieberman Impromptu No. 3
Lior David, piano

David Yudis Four Pieces
Christopher Staknys, piano

Matthew Shifrin The Snake Song
Draw Me a Sheep
Matthew Shifrin, voice and piano

Christopher Staknys first movement of Moorcroft, Wyoming
Christopher Staknys, piano

Judith Weir first and third movements of Several Concertos
Juree Kim, flute
Emily Munstedt, cello
Sebastian Li, piano

Chronology of works by Judith Weir
performed during this residency

1980 Several Concertos for flute, piano, and cello
1984 Sketches from a Bagpiper's Album for B-flat clarinet and piano
1985 Michael's Strathspey for piano
1990 String Quartet
1991 I Broke off a Golden Branch for piano quintet
1993 The King of France for piano
1993 El Rey de Francia for piano quartet
1995 Sleep Sound ida Mornin' for violin duo
1999 Arise! Arise! You Slumbering Sleepers for piano quartet
1999 Unlocked for cello
2003 The Voice of Desire for mezzo-soprano and piano
1998 Piano Trio Two
2006 Atlantic Drift for two violins
2006 St Agnes for viola and cello
2008 Wake Your Wild Voice for bassoon and cello
2008 Still, Glowing for orchestra
2012 To Judith, from Judith for piano

video: excerpts from Judith Weir's children's opera The Black Spider include "The Green Hunter," "The Wedding," and "Count Henry - Polish drinking song"

photo of Judith Weir by Chris Christodoulou

Judith Weir residency events

2014-01-31 Chamber music masterclass at Walnut Hill School
2014-02-01 Composition masterclass
2014-02-01 New Music for Orchestra
2014-02-01 New Music for Piano
2014-02-02 Full day of concerts

Date: February 2, 2014 - 10:00:AM
Price: Free
Location: Brown Hall

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