There are other ways than concerts to connect with music on a deep level. Visiting artists bring polish to already accomplished students in the intensive scrutiny of the masterclass: sitting in the audience, you get to witness an artist adding a layer of maturity to their craft. Lectures, seminars, and panels also add depth to your understanding of the music you love.

Of particular note, the Morse Masterclasses present some of the world-renowned artists who visit NEC each year, under the generous sponsorship of the Morse Visiting Artist Fund. This season the series features The Leipzip Quartet, The Jerusalem Quartet, violinist Anthony Marwood, and the Gryphon Trio.

Upcoming events

2014-09-06 Fiddle Workshop
2014-09-07 Pappoutsakis masterclasses
2014-09-08 Songwriting Workshop with Lake Street Dive 
2014-09-08 Freelancing 101
2014-09-09 Old Time Fiddle Workshop with Bruce Molsky
2014-09-10 Open For'm: "Winds"
2014-09-18 Evan Parker workshop 
2014-09-19 Jason Palmer masterclass
2014-09-24 Claudia Quintet masterclass 
2014-09-24 Opera Masterclass with Denyce Graves
2014-09-30 Vijay Iyer + Jason Moran masterclass 
2014-10-06 Fred Hersch masterclass
2014-10-07 Opera Masterclass with José van Dam
2014-10-09 Opera Masterclass with José van Dam
2014-10-16 NEC Jazz Orchestra + Ben Schwendener
2014-11-04 John Zorn Residency
2014-11-11 Opera Masterclass with Barbara Bonney
2014-11-13 Opera Masterclass with Barbara Bonney
2014-12-02 NEC Jazz Composers' Workshop Orchestra