There are other ways than concerts to connect with music on a deep level. Visiting artists bring polish to already accomplished students in the intensive scrutiny of the masterclass: sitting in the audience, you get to witness an artist adding a layer of maturity to their craft. Lectures, seminars, and panels also add depth to your understanding of the music you love.

Of particular note, the Morse Masterclasses present some of the world-renowned artists who visit NEC each year, under the generous sponsorship of the Morse Visiting Artist Fund. This season the series features The Leipzip Quartet, The Jerusalem Quartet, violinist Anthony Marwood, and the Gryphon Trio.

Upcoming events


Past events

2013-09-07 Piano Seminar: Bruce Brubaker
2013-09-08 Pappoutsakis Flute Masterclasses
2013-09-13 Piano Seminar: On Pedagogy
2013-09-16 Joshua Fineberg + Marilyn Nonken
2013-09-20 Piano Seminar: Marilyn Nonken
2013-09-22 EM Expo with Fifth House Ensemble
2013-09-25 Noah Preminger jazz masterclass
2013-09-26 Lluis Claret cello masterclass
2013-09-27 Piano Seminar: Laura Karpman
2013-10-01 Jason Moran jazz masterclass
2013-10-01 Kneebody jazz masterclass
2013-10-01 John Heiss flute masterclass
2013-10-01 Jeff Nelsen horn masterclass
2013-10-04 Piano Seminar: Joseph Smith
2013-10-08 Simon Bainbridge colloquium
2013-10-08 Marilyn Horne masterclass
2013-10-11 Piano Seminar: Teppo Koivisto
2013-10-11 Marilyn Horne masterclass
2013-10-15 Piano Seminar/EM Workshop: Francesco Tristano
2013-10-18 Piano Seminar: Remembering Patricia Zander
2013-10-18 James Dunham viola masterclass
2013-10-19 Brass seminar: Calculated Laziness and Boredom
2013-10-20 Prep Brassfest: Faculty Brass Quartet
2013-10-21 Ralph Kirshbaum cello masterclass
2013-10-23 Russell DeVuyst trumpet masterclass
2013-10-25 Piano Seminar: Xiang Zou
2013-10-25 Elvis Costello, Songwriter
2013-10-26 Norman Fischer cello masterclass
2013-10-28 Frank Carlberg Quintet jazz masterclass
2013-10-29 Fred Hersch jazz masterclass
2013-10-29 Baroque Ornamentation masterclass
2013-10-30 EM Series: Teach Smart
2013-11-01 Piano Seminar: Entrepreneurial Musicianship
2013-11-03 Prep Brassfest: Trumpets!
2013-11-03 Joseph Robinson oboe masterclass
2013-11-05 John Heiss flute masterclass
2013-11-05 EM Series: The Healthy Musician
2013-11-06 Wadada Leo Smith on Ten Freedom Summers
2013-11-06 Grisha Goryachev guitar masterclass
2013-11-07 Laura Mullen poetry reading
2013-11-08 Piano Seminar: Ian Hobson
2013-11-09 Brass Seminar: New routes for old ruts
2013-11-10 Benjamin Kamins oboe masterclass
2013-11-10 The Music in Proust
2013-11-11 William Burden vocal masterclass
2013-11-13 William Burden vocal masterclass
2013-11-15 Piano Seminar
2013-11-17 Prep Brassfest: Euphonium + Tuba
2013-11-17 EM Series: Speaking to Your Audience
2013-11-18 Leonidas Kavakos violin masterclass
2013-11-19 Lluis Claret cello masterclass
2013-11-19 Dave Holland ensembles masterclass
2013-11-19 John Heiss chamber music masterclass
2013-11-20 Fred Hersch masterclass
2013-11-21 Dave Holland on his Prism group
2013-11-22 Jaap Blonk masterclass
2013-11-25 Gergely Ittzes flute masterclass
2013-12-02 Luciana Souza: Introduction to Brazilian Music
2013-12-03 Luciana Souza: Expanding the Singer's Vocabulary
2013-12-03 John Heiss flute masterclass
2013-12-06 Piano Seminar: Catherine Kautsky
2013-12-13 Piano Seminar: Virginia Eskin
2013-12-14 Helen Callus viola masterclass
2014-01-17 Piano Seminar
2014-01-23 Gryphon Trio masterclass
2014-01-24 Piano Seminar: On Piano Technology
2014-01-29 Georg Lehner vocal masterclass
2014-01-29 Kirill Gerstein piano masterclass
2014-01-30 EM Bootcamp: Pre-Performance Routines
2014-01-30 Steven Lubin masterclass
2014-01-31 Piano Seminar: Steven Lubin
2014-01-31 Judith Weir chamber music masterclass
2014-02-01 Judith Weir composition masterclass
2014-02-02 On Breath: Medical Perspectives of Voice Production
2014-02-03 Christpher Krueger flute masterclass
2014-02-04 John Heiss flute masterclass
2014-02-06 EM Bootcamp: Focus in Performance
2014-02-07 Piano Seminar: Kathleen Supové
2014-02-09 Prep Brassfest: French Horn
2014-02-11 Pieter Wispelwey cello masterclass
2014-02-19 Teach Smart: Part One
2014-02-20 Emmanuella Reiter viola masterclass
2014-02-21 African Music Festival symposium
2014-02-21 Piano Seminar: Charles Fisk
2014-02-22 Brass Seminar: Using Acting Methods
2014-02-25 Teach Smart: Part Two
2014-02-27 Thomas Riebl viola masterclass
2014-02-28 Piano Seminar: Dmitry Rachmanov
2014-02-28 Thomas Riebl viola masterclass
2014-03-01 Brass Seminar: How do I learn this now?
2014-03-04 John Heiss flute masterclass
2014-03-05 June Han harp masterclass
2014-03-07 Piano Seminar: Vicky Chow
2014-03-07 Thomas Hampson vocal masterclass ** Canceled**
2014-03-08 Bruce Brubaker chamber music masterclass
2014-03-10 Beethoven the Pianist at Symphony Hall
2014-03-24 Catherine Karoly flute masterclass
2014-03-25 EM Series: Networking
2014-03-27 Merima Ključo: The Innovative Accordion
2014-03-28 Piano Seminar: Steven Swayne
2014-03-28 Jerusalem Quartet masterclass
2014-03-28 Gan Lev saxophone masterclass
2014-03-29 Brass Seminar: Natural is good. natural works
2014-03-29 David Coucheron violin masterclass
2014-03-30 Prep Brass Fest
2014-03-30 Dale Clevenger masterclass
2014-03-31 Pieter Wispelwey cello masterclass
2014-03-31 Donald Crockett colloquium
2014-04-01 Donald Crockett masterclass
2014-04-01 John Heiss flute masterclass
2014-04-06 Prep Brassfest: Trombones
2014-04-08 Gary Hoffman cello masterclass
2014-04-10 Leipzig Quartet masterclass
2014-04-11 Piano Seminar: Tai Hang Du
2014-04-12 Boston Cello Quartet masterclass
2014-04-13 Yehuda Gilad masterclass
2014-04-14 Susan Milan flute masterclass
2014-04-18 Piano Seminar: Seth Knopp
Piano Seminar: Oxana Yablonskaya
Amanda Stewart trombone masterclass
Tony Woodcock violin masterclass
2014-04-29 John Heiss flute masterclass
Anthony Marwood violin masterclass
Liberal Arts student presentations