Light a fire

Visiting stars—like cellist Yo-Yo Ma—fire up students to excel in public classes.

There are other ways than concerts to connect with music on a deep level. Visiting artists bring polish to already accomplished students in the intensive scrutiny of the masterclass: sitting in the audience, you get to witness an artist adding a layer of maturity to their craft. Lectures, seminars, and panels also add depth to your understanding of the music you love.

Of particular note, the Morse Masterclasses present some of the world-renowned artists who visit NEC each year, under the generous sponsorship of the Morse Visiting Artist Fund.

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Upcoming events

2017-01-30 Peter Evans masterclass
2017-02-03 Piano Seminar: Shai Wosner
2017-02-03 Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet masterclass
2017-02-10 Piano Seminar: Andrew Rangell
2017-02-17 Emanuel Ax masterclass
2017-02-24 Piano Seminar: Sofia Gubaidulina
2017-02-27 Colloquium on A Love Supreme
2017-03-02 Jason Moran masterclass
2017-03-03 Piano Seminar: John Davis
2017-03-10 Piano Seminar: Thomas Parente
2017-03-14 Dave Holland small combo masterclass
2017-03-17 Piano Seminar: Wha-Kyung Bhun

Past events

2016-09-15 Body Mapping Workshop
2016-09-22 Freelancing 101
2016-09-23 Ethan Iverson + Billy Hart masterclass
2016-09-30 Piano Seminar: A. Ramon Rivera on Pedagogy
2016-10-04 Morse Masterclass: Thomas Hampson
2016-10-07 Piano Seminar: Max Levinson
2016-10-07 Darcy James Argue masterclass
2016-10-11 Eugene Chadbourne masterclass
2016-10-17 Adam Holzman guitar masterclass
2016-10-14 Piano Seminar: Pavel Nersessian
2016-10-15 Craig Rutenberg masterclass
2016-10-16 EM Expo with Sybarite5
2016-10-17 Paula Robison flute masterclass
2016-10-18 Craig Rutenberg masterclass
2016-10-20 Guillermo Klein masterclass
2016-10-20 EM Series: Design Thinking for Musicians
2016-10-21 Piano Seminar: Jeffrey Goldberg
2016-10-24 Yo-Yo Ma masterclass
2016-10-24 Morphing Saxophone Quartet masterclass
2016-10-26 Harvey Pittel saxophone masterclass
2016-10-27 Grisha Goryachev guitar masterclass
2016-10-27 EM Series: Recording 101
2016-10-28 Piano Seminar: Melvin Chen
2016-10-30 EM SEries: PAMA Syposium
2016-11-04 Piano Seminar: Roy Howat
2016-11-06 The Brain, Music, and Optimal Performance
2016-11-06 Morse masterclass: Imogen Cooper
2016-11-06 Dr. Karen Leigh-Post masterclass
2016-11-07 First Monday Pre-Concert Talk
2016-11-09 The Exotic, the Avant Garde, and the Musical Work
2016-11-10 Grisha Goryachev guitar masterclass
2016-11-11 Andreas Ottensamer Clarinet masterclass
2016-11-12 NEC Prep masterclass with The Omer Quartet
2016-11-14 Nicholas Kitchen violin masterclass
2016-11-15 EM Series: Nonprofit Startups
2016-11-16 The Special Psychoacoustics of the Singing Voice
2016-11-18 Piano Seminar: Carl Petersson
2016-11-21 Carol Rodland viola masterclass
2016-11-30 John Kordalewski masterclass
2016-11-30 EM Series: Demystifying Self-Management
2016-12-02 Piano Seminar: Victor Rosenbaum
2016-12-05Reinier Van Houdt on Michael Pisaro
2016-12-05 Jaques + Paula Morelenbaum masterclass
2016-12-06 Jaques Morelenbaum String Improvisation masterclass
2016-12-06 Paula Morelenbaum Brazilian Vocal Music masterclass
2016-12-06 Andres Diaz cello masterclass
2016-12-07 The Art of Inspiration: Augusta Read Thomas
2016-12-07 Jaques + Paula Morelenbaum Ensemble masterclass
2016-12-09 Piano Seminar: James Anagnoson
2016-12-15 Jason Moran masterclass
2017-01-26 Laurence Lesser cello masterclass